Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 Winner

 Lavarkada Kids

Tonight is the judgement day for the finalist on Pilipinas Got Talent. Unlike the two season which I always watched, this third season I rarely did. Simply because I don't have time. But upon watching yesterdays grand finale performance I eyed for the contestants that those in groups. Like El Gamma Penumbra, Lavarkada Kids and Synergy. I am really amazed with their performance. The singers also did well, bu it will be monotonous( if I will be the judge err) if another singer will won. Besides there were lots of opportunity for those singers and dancers. I hope people will give a way for those undeniably group talents. Since winners will be based on text votes. I can't wait to know who will be the next winner. I will surely blog about it especially if it's one of my protege'..ahehehe

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Cheaper Than You Think

Ever since the economy took a turn for worse over three years ago, every holiday season since has been a struggle to make as many people happy on the smallest budget as possible. This year, with unemployment staying stagnant, benefits extinguished, and optimism for near-term recovery diminished to near-zero, many families will unfortunately be facing the most minimalist of holiday gift-giving they've experienced yet. But with that said, great gift ideas can still come to fruition on a shoestring budget. You just have to know how to go about doing it (especially when it comes to pleasing the little ones).
Depending on the age of your kids, cell phones may or may not be suitable. But regardless, they may not be economically viable for you. However, prepaid cell phones provide a great option for parents who are both skeptical about allowing their kids to have mobile devices and unwilling to pay for unlimited data. Kids won't know the difference between a smartphone that comes with a contract and one bought at Target. But at the end of every month, you'll definitely notice the difference in the bill.
Gift cards sound like an economically smart solution. But $25 here and $50 there quickly adds up. To cut the costs of gift cards for your parents and for anyone else, take part in paid online surveys which reward you with gift cards to sites such as iTunes and Amazon. What's the difference between working directly for the gift cards you hope to give and paying for them with cash?
CD albums, iTunes, and the devices that play music are all pretty pricy. So have you heard about Pandora? Pandora is a free-to-use program subscribers can access through any computer, that plays music radio-style in accordance to pre-selected artists. Thumbs up the songs you like and thumbs down the songs you hate to fine-tune the selections to better reflect your tastes. This free app can come across as an awesome “gift” to youngsters not yet aware of the web's array of free services.
If you've been holding off on letting your kids get Facebook profiles, a great Christmas gift idea for cheap could be to grant them permission to create profiles. Most social media sites have a fair amount of latitude as far as parental controls go on profiles, which can help ease apprehensions as well as allow you to monitor the social media activity of your children. You won't find a cheaper gift idea than this one.
This holiday season is going to be a tough one for countless families. But a little ingenuity and extra work can make even the most modest of gift budgets out-perform your expectations. You may very well be setting a precedent that will make future holidays not only enjoyable, but also affordable.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Who among girls wouldn't love shopping?! For females, this type of hanging out is a DE-stressing thing for us. We feel so good when we were at the mall buying what our wants!. What a guilty pleasure ayt?!
Though I am a not a fashionista or a boyish type I am also one of those  fem loves shopping. Name it anywhere! I like it too! Majority that stuff I bought or choose where not for me. I am generous to my family and what make me enjoy when shopping was the food after long hours of looking stuff. Yeah right I am more of a food after than stuff.
What made me post for this one?!

It's because of a 3 day 70% off to a known shopping mall here in Manila. How I wanted to go there and shop items for our arriving angel but then again I can't! It's because I am on the way to 37th weeks and my doctor said baby is ready and  may arrive anytime from now on. Basically it's not advisable to travel far and seize the busy buzz of the shopping mall. But wait! I still managed to take opportunity of that mall sale.hmmm! With my ever beloved husband who's willing to drop by fill my hunger for items to be shop. He had the list that I gave and will be back home with those. I know he doesn't love mall sale for it was so crowded yet he said yes without persuading him much!.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soon to be Unemployed

It was a sad news yesterday when huny shared it to me. That in two months time he will be unemployed as per the company announces for the administration staff but the agents will be unemployed at the end of the month. The company declared a bankruptcy. It was somehow as expected by hubby since he most of the time arranged the conference room recently from clients to their superiors and been hearing the secret rumors. It was not actually bankruptcy but a change in management but of coarse this will not be accepted by regular employees. As per hubby's observation the management only wanted to remove the people whom been working long but performance not so good, those that established clan in the company and those who have tons of complaints. So as there's no easy way to remove those kind of employees that the company decided to file a state of financial instability. Good thing hubby was prepared. Even before we got married last August, he already told me he will file his resignation letter. For he said and I know that company didn't deserve such good and loyal employees like him :D. They were not fairly benefited as per legalities stated. At first upon entering in the company as a probationary employee, he didn't felt the unfair benefits not until he got regularized. It took years before he decided to quit since he was fulfilled by his job. He love what he's doing and it his forte. Eventually as our needs increases now that were becoming three, he know he needs not only fulfillment but also benefits. So as he says that what currently happening in the company is just a blessing in disguise.


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