Sunday, October 16, 2011


Who among girls wouldn't love shopping?! For females, this type of hanging out is a DE-stressing thing for us. We feel so good when we were at the mall buying what our wants!. What a guilty pleasure ayt?!
Though I am a not a fashionista or a boyish type I am also one of those  fem loves shopping. Name it anywhere! I like it too! Majority that stuff I bought or choose where not for me. I am generous to my family and what make me enjoy when shopping was the food after long hours of looking stuff. Yeah right I am more of a food after than stuff.
What made me post for this one?!

It's because of a 3 day 70% off to a known shopping mall here in Manila. How I wanted to go there and shop items for our arriving angel but then again I can't! It's because I am on the way to 37th weeks and my doctor said baby is ready and  may arrive anytime from now on. Basically it's not advisable to travel far and seize the busy buzz of the shopping mall. But wait! I still managed to take opportunity of that mall sale.hmmm! With my ever beloved husband who's willing to drop by fill my hunger for items to be shop. He had the list that I gave and will be back home with those. I know he doesn't love mall sale for it was so crowded yet he said yes without persuading him much!.

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kim said...

hmmm.. not much into shopping but it sure sounds like fun.. big hug!

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