Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soon to be Unemployed

It was a sad news yesterday when huny shared it to me. That in two months time he will be unemployed as per the company announces for the administration staff but the agents will be unemployed at the end of the month. The company declared a bankruptcy. It was somehow as expected by hubby since he most of the time arranged the conference room recently from clients to their superiors and been hearing the secret rumors. It was not actually bankruptcy but a change in management but of coarse this will not be accepted by regular employees. As per hubby's observation the management only wanted to remove the people whom been working long but performance not so good, those that established clan in the company and those who have tons of complaints. So as there's no easy way to remove those kind of employees that the company decided to file a state of financial instability. Good thing hubby was prepared. Even before we got married last August, he already told me he will file his resignation letter. For he said and I know that company didn't deserve such good and loyal employees like him :D. They were not fairly benefited as per legalities stated. At first upon entering in the company as a probationary employee, he didn't felt the unfair benefits not until he got regularized. It took years before he decided to quit since he was fulfilled by his job. He love what he's doing and it his forte. Eventually as our needs increases now that were becoming three, he know he needs not only fulfillment but also benefits. So as he says that what currently happening in the company is just a blessing in disguise.

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Jona said...

my hubby's company was hit naman by recession (US-based company) that why they had downsizing of employees...good luck to our hubbies. hope they find a job soon :D
When Your Husband Is Jobless

Genejosh said...

hope your hubby could find a much better job..Good thing that he's ready:) God bless your family!

Ronadelle said...

sad to hear this kha. But I don't worry kasi I know that your husband is maabilidad ika nga. Just stay put and I pray that he finds a better job soon! Love love to you buntis!

kimmy said...

that is very sad, indeed. hope everything turns out well for you. left you some love and following you now!


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