Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Scary Trend

After days of not opening nor using computer and watching tv to avoid "binat" from giving birth, I was so shocked just as I opened my accounts. I've read statuses of condolences to 2 dear friends whom lost their love ones. One was my  former office mate's boyfriend  whom I've known a little yet very dear to me. Another one is the husband of my college friend. I was so saddened of these news, gave me a thought of is this trending?!. Like networking sites nowadays who has trend topics, crimes with trending ways,etc now even tragic and tragedy's is trending.What's happening nowadays. I am in no position to ask why, I am just saddened of what's happening. Who will not be. I know God has better plans. 
My former office mate who lost his boyfriend by a shocking tragedy which was also aired in the news.

My colleagues husband's death is still unknown to me, just one of our colleagues told me. They still have young children.  One at the age of three and the other one is months old. I pray for my friends to be strong enough in this phase of their lives.

Dear friends our condolences and prayers were with you and your loved ones who finally join in God's temple. Be strong and strengthen faith to Him despite of this circumstances.

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kikayFERRY said...

thats really sad kha!! pero sabi nga nila sa palasak na na words at sinabi mo din, may rason ang lahat ng bagay, hindi man natin alam ang dahilan sa ngaun pero soon they will..

For now, hwag kana munang mag computer dyan at mag pahinga ka!!! okay ♥_♥

kimmy said...

that's really very sad.. by the way congratulations to your new baby..

Jag said...

Condolence po sa friend mo...congrats sa baby mo :)


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