Friday, January 13, 2012

A Child Friendly Environment

 My playful baby
As a new mom, I am now more cautious than before. Being a freelancer, youngest of the family I never pay attention much of a more safety environment. Maybe because I am the youngest old enough to protect myself. Now that I have my baby, I am more becoming obsessive on my baby's safety. as much as I want to secure her every corner of mom's house just to protect her from dust to probable wounds. As much as I want to change a lot inside mom's house to be more suitable for a safety environment I can't. As I mentioned it's mom's house not ours. Though we were not having  problem staying in here, husband and I still considering of having our own even if it's near the current place where we are. Mom was also agreed to that idea and even help us by consulting about Mortgage refinance under her name to be easily approved upon background checking. She has established her name and reputation in terms of this kind of loans. She understands my desire of having own house for my small family. But mind dear friends I know at the back of her mind she don't want us to leave the house..hihihi.  She was just supportive . Back again, our home now is not a child friendly place. This is more of an an older persons place to live. The stair is not safe, place not dusts free and the edges of furniture were unsafe. Some were meant to the designed some were just became like that by years of used. So basically I always need to ask permission from her first before I can do what I want. Surely she will allow me but still I m sensitive to her feelings, I know some that I wanted to change has a lot of sentimental values for her. And she's getting older I don't want to depressed her though she always says she understand. I am myself also have my way to make things more easier like as what I have mentioned about owning own home near mom's. I am checking for an  FHA streamline refinance online to see what I can do little by little to make our plans into real. Fortunately there are real estate information I need that I found at  Zillow. Information I gather online help me a lot to find suitable and practical place that I can set up a child friendly environment for my baby.

2 ♥ warming appeal(s):

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

your little baby's smile is so cute. ^_^ supah!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

cute siya......ganun talaga ang mommy....ang safe ng anak masyado ang inaalala......ganun din siyempre sa daddy......


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