Sunday, January 1, 2012

Everything New!

Howdy everyone! Happy new year. Just before the year end I did changed my header! Hope my visitors like it as I really love it now. Finally this blog will be having a niche this year! More specific than the usual personal blog. It is now officially a mom's blog. After sorting which is which among my blogs finally I got to come up with my own home blog to make it a mom's blog. So expect to be a first time mom flooding posts more about how 's life being a mommy.
I changed my header, my blog background and even my signature. See everything new it's really a New Year here in my space :). Have a blast , prosperous and safe New Year

2 ♥ warming appeal(s):

f e R r y j H o i said...

Ganda kha!! bagay nga tong gawin mong mommy blog!!!

>> congrats!! am sure palaging may post toh!! hehe

Happy New Year

Gilay said...

happy new year!!!

clap clap clap... galing galing! ganda kha...!


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