Monday, January 2, 2012

I Don't Cook! But it didn't Made Me Less A Mommy!

I don't cook! But it didn't made me less a mommy! One of the advantages of being the youngest is I got the chance to be spoiled even until to my daughter . We were living in mom's house. Basically everything is owned by mom. Her kitchen and stuff and everything. Mom loves cooking. It's her forte. I am not just stating this as her daughter but indeed she is as everyone knows in proof of it  we formerly had a small big-time carinderia in Pembo Makati  when I was studying in college.. I called it small bigtime" because the space is only small but she earns a lot as expected. There were lots of customers, orders and even requests for a catering . Anyway that's a different story! :) But the main thing is that above is the good reason behind why I don't cook now that we were staying in her house. She does all the cooking.
I know cooking is one of the major qualification of a wife, a mom but it never state to anywhere that if a wife don't cook she's not a good wife anymore! if she don't cook she's not a good mom anymore. Moms has a lot of functions/role inside the house. If I don't cook, I can do other important roles for my small family. As I mentioned there were a lot of functions mother has. Motherhood will not only be measured by cooking duh! If time comes that I need to do so, I may not be a perfect chef at least I know some recipe. We once live on our own I am well prepared, just taking advantage of mom's presence :))

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

subukan mo ang mag cook.....huwag bili ng bili sa restaurant....


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