Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make Money Through Blogging

I started blogging as a sort of expressing myself. I am a type of person who prefers not to complain a lot verbally. (My mom taught me that! aw!) If I speak too much I know I will hurt a lot of people or even the people I love. That's why I created this blog and how it means to me... Not until my mentor finally approached me. She was the one who introduced me in monetizing my blog that supposed to be only an online diary. She gave me tips and legit websites where I can make money . Where I can enjoy writing while earning. Who wouldn't want that!. It is still M-O-N-E-Y! Aside from enjoying what you're doing the fact that it will give me some moolah is a plus. As she influences me to earn online, I finally did my part to excel more and look for more ways and websites where I can earn. In five years of expressing myself through my blogs I may not be like other bloggers who earns big-time, but I enjoy my little earning because I look at it as a bonus. As I said it is not the main focus why I blog but a blessing that I can do both at the same time. I listed some tips what I did three years ago as I started earning through my blog.
  • I learn to be more specific and making sure that though I am writing my online diary I see to it that somehow others can relate or learn from my own experiences. In that way I may have visitors and my page will earn a rank in search engines.
  • I join websites who accepts bloggers or publishers that gives article or survey review for paid.
  • I became more friendly with other bloggers so as to share tips with them and also ask. It's a give and take thingy.
  • I always do my projects on time and double checking it before I submit it. Looking forward for more projects.
Simple ways yet effective for me. That's how easy I earn money in the world wide web. Behind all these is the patience and never losing hope attitude . It's not always a "raining opportunity". So if there's one, I see to it that I will immediately grab it, be thankful and do my best. 

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