Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Well Ventilated Place for my Baby

There were a lot of advantages a well ventilated place has. As a matter of fact it has been advised to everyone to have a well ventilated living space as much as possible. So expect that it is more of an advantage for a baby to have or live in one very well ventilated space. And that's what I want and prefer for my baby. Since mom's house has lots of large windows obviously my precious will not feel suffocation. We also saved a lot from electricity of using electric fans or air-con if there is. A fresh air easily pass with the large windows and can soothe a good feeling for a sleepy baby. It is more good for a baby to feel the fresh air from mom's trees than an alternative air coming from electric appliances. Mom's house need not to have a chandeliers just to have a very light space. Simple and some elegant modern lighting of her choice is enough to make it more feel ventilated. Plus the fact that she loves planting and cleaning every day that will make the ventilated space more light and that I can say a very good attitude if my baby will adapt it from her. The cleaning and planting thing. Back again to a ventilated space, a baby will always have a positive aura everyday she wakes up as she feels everything is so light. For a baby like mine who is a chubby and perspiration a lot, this kind of environment for her is more likely. It will reduce the risk for her to have illnesses since she was staying in a place like what mom has. I know she'll loving it and as soon as she knows how to appreciates, I know she will be thankful to her mama. My mom and her grand mom. 

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