Sunday, May 13, 2012

Caught Between Practicality and Devotion

This blogspot blog has been published for five years. Literally I have been writing here for five years. Just recently some time in February I decided to bought a domain for this blog. I never imagined it could be that hard leaving the blogspot blog that I am used to for years. I thought it was just simple. The transferring process is really simple and all the technicalities . But the moment I thought that I already fixed all problems, just as the time I am realizing that problem from transferring to a custom domain is just arising. It's all about the monetizing factor. The current advertiser on this blogspot blog seems like do not want a change. All my reviews and advertisers sending me an email regarding on the changes that happened. I am now, just as this moment, deciding what to do with this problem. I don't want to loose the tim sykes and other advertisers that giving me moolah in this blogging thingy. I know what to do but I am confuse in between because I really want this blog to have it's own domain but I don't want t loose the opportunities of earning online. I am caught between practicality and devotion. Devotion to my blogging personal diary and practicality of additional earning I can ave if I choose wisely.

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Jonalyn Quita said...

Hard to decide noh! I was also in this state before. I decided to keep my first blogspot blog (sayang Kasi yung pinaghirapan Na PR and the established relationship between advertisers). Then I reg for a self hosted blog. Now, I have three blogs, Na addict :D hehe


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