Sunday, May 13, 2012

Revealed Plans

After 10 months of working on board, brother is coming home next month. As much as he wanted his arrival to be a surprise, unfortunately his plan of surprising us will not be a surprise anymore. His good friend spill and revealed his plans. She said that he along with other friend who just came home from abroad too and his new girl friend booking for a vacation in Bohol. My reliable source even told me that my brother was asking to look for a best deals of good accommodation and affordable place like a Buffalo Hotels that they can avail. He is planning this early for their getaway, so that is already a sure clue that he will be arriving by the date he told to the reliable source. I really wanted to offer him some help since I am almost 24/7 online. Also by blog walking I have lots of resources I read and found online. But knowing him, I know he will not asks for my help. Yet I know, he visited my blogs. Probably by chance that he may drop here in this blog, he will surely know what to do, and he always know where to find me and ask for my help like a Gogobot that can extend my service. He need not to worry, I am not going to ask him much in return. *winks*

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