Monday, May 14, 2012

So Happy for Her

I am so happy for Ferry and Paul, that finally their long wait is over! She's finally pregnant! The reason why her blogs kept untouched for days now. I can't contain my happiness knowing the good news directly from her. The day she had known about the good news, I received a call from her informing me then. My little master will now going to have new God-sister or brother maybe. I, once thought it will be twin or triplets, since they have a history in the family. But then she confirmed that it is only one and they were very very thankful of it. It's obvious to Paul that he was so happy the very first day seeing a positive result in a pregnancy test kit and as the day goes by. They were somehow over reacting but I understand their happiness. And knowing Ferry, over reacting is understatement when it comes to her pregnancy. :) 
Congratulations Paul & Ferry! Lyxn can't wait to see the little Poneng! :)

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Ferry Joy said...

tenchu kha :) oo sobrang happpy talaga ako!!

naaawa nga ako sa mga blogs ko eh :( gusto ko mang mag sulat wala akong masimulan kha!! hehehe

>> thank you for introducing Dra. Nadal to me :) hehehe!
To God be the glory!!!
miss na kita!!


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