Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

"Your home, your imagination." 

A place where we were most comfortable is our home.We see to it that we have all the pleasure based on our preferences inside it that we cannot find to any other place. It is our own piece of heaven and relaxation for the busy buzz of our life. Choosing the best furniture is a must for us to have that superior comfort feeling in our abode. Being picky about it is our pleasure since we were the ones dealing, enjoying of those for the rest of our lives. These furniture will be our companion and witnesses to our roller coaster emotions, career and successes . Furniture isn't just a piece of a thing inside home for me. It is the components that makes a home to be our own meaning of palace.
As we were contemplating and in the process of making our own palace, we have already the list of what to include inside it. I have a lot in list but among all those I have this special preferences exactly the same furniture I wanted. No alternatives , no other brands. A caprice bed that has paces in the headboard.
Hubby and I loves to read before we sleep or check our emails whether on the phone or laptop. A spacious headboard is a must for us, since it will not consume another space and we need not to have a side table at all.
This Bernard L-shape Sofa looks classic and elegant. For a not so spacious house, furniture that can maximize the few spaces is a big help. It will also looks the living area neat and can accommodate more visitors.

A comfortable mesh high back office chair with headrest is also a must in our lists. Hubby and I both stays in long hours in front of a computer. A comfortable office chair will help us not to experience neck and back pain.

All of my picks were designed for a not so spacious house. And because of that fact we see to it though a little bit uncomfy talking about spaces, having the best furniture is the best we can do to make it a relaxing palace. :)

This collection I found from Mandaue Foam.  Hubby and I's inspiration of choosing furniture from them is the enticing commercial we've seen. 

 Immediately the time we saw it , we head on to one of their branch and check if it worth to be on top of our lists. Gladly it is, materials were superb and designs were uniquely amazing.

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