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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Event Corrdinator


This supposed to be a post on my business blog, but that is if I will be going to make it as a business. hehehe So for today that this is just an idea, I want this to be shared here in my diary blog. I have been organizing little events even before when I was a student. I am on a thrifty side but with touch of elegance type of event coordinator. I guess the word "Event Coordinator" is too professional and too big of a word, I am not yet in that stage. hehehe. I am a simple party planner who wants to make events more of a DIY and affordable resources. Who wouldn't want that eh? Anyway kudos to the internet especially my favorite website Because of lots of tutorials and resources and when, how and where ideas that feed my in mind. Due to the opportunities given to me planning some events, an idea come up from hubby said why shouldn't I try a new career. This is the event coordinating field. I am not that confident if I can do so but I am overwhelmed that the idea came from husband. Husband never lies and he is actually frank too. So if he say a compliment it is really a compliment. I once dream of planning an event abroad in a new york event locations for instance. I want to explore the event coordinating things and beyond. I want to experience how to coordinate an event in a place where I am not familiar much. Where I can test my resourcefulness, adaptation and thrifty attitude. A EstateWedding will be the best event example I can think of. Since this kind of event needing a glamorous and elegant outcome, which most of the time eats lots of budget and needing an amenable venue. The components of an event like this will be a great tests for a wanna be like me.

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Ferry Joy said...

ayay :) i-push na yan!!

Pa reserve naman sa Event coordinator on December ^_~