Saturday, August 18, 2012

Instant Driver

I've never been so busy like I am recently. I get tired, exhausted and left my princess most of the time. But with all these experiences I get no regrets. I am helping, I am happy and the fact that helping brought me to learning is really the best part of these busy bee days.
Big brother is getting married. I just found it out two weeks ago. Happy that finally he decided to settle down. At least we're all relieved that he have now her better half for better or for worst.
Guess when the wedding bell rings?..

Not soon but too soon!
Indeed in a month from today he will getting married!. That made me gaga helping him in everything. Others prepare for wedding three or four years more but him- just a month and 2 weeks.
Surprising?! Well we've been through that.!  The surprised feeling hehehe.
I owe big time to big brother, that's why I felt like I need to offer my best to help them. So in order for him to help with all he needs I began an instant motorists. I knew how to drive but I am not used in long drive. Maybe if it's a car I can consider it but a motorcycle from to from Cavite Laguna and Tagaytay. Whoa!That all I can say. Gladly I faced my fears in trucks and buses and fast cars. Thanks to these haggard event I need not to have a dmv cheatsheets driving test just to pass my next license renewal.Experiences really thought bests. Including brother also teaches me about re-routing, alternate route and tricky signal lights and signs. Cool! Feels like I am having an interactive test drive whenever I am with him. I guess this will be the last few times I can go with him since he will be getting married automatically I am fired as her assistant in month time. :)
My drama is a so called event coordinator hahaha. For the mean time , a month more to wait, my blogs will be left for webs again. spider webs :))


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