Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Different Side of Success

Everyone has its different side of success. This is what I realized as I was sour gaping the last time ( though I can't remember when was the last time) More and more looking and appreciating what I have makes me realize a lot of things these days. And just as I mentioned the realization of different side of success was the recent that I found out. Checking on friends online accounts, success, failure statuses blah blah made me feel to be thankful. First, though still I haven't fulfill my family's will being a licensed nurse, I am not a pain in the ass at home. I paid they hardships as I work for the family too and offer what I can. I earn for a living and I was blessed with lots of different talent and resources to made some moolah. Though I still felt like they were rooting for that licensed as fulfillment to the field where I graduated to. I still have plans still but it need to wait as I need to prioritize what's important for the meantime. Next, having my own family and being married to the guy I love most. It isn't easy to find true love and that's a fact!. I've known a lot who were very successful in terms of career but happiness ain't it all talk about . No one can live alone although others said they can it can't be true! Swear!Who would you share your success, who will be with you if you were down, who will you laugh with. Third, the business, I may not have the best career or my dream one yet the business we had provides for what we need and sometimes on what we desires too. We ain't had the promising luxury of the earth but we have the most life has to offer. We can make our own luxury in our own ways :D

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