Saturday, April 6, 2013

Starting to Basic

The day this blog was missing is one big day of realization to me. I once thought I should decide to quit blogging since it ate lots of my time and supposedly my rests. But what had happened  lead me to a lesson that makes me realize, I can't stop blogging at all. It really saddened me knowing my blog has been removed. I tried to console myself saying that everything happens for a reason and let go of it, yet the feeling and the depression I've been through for days is a no joke. As husband saw it and my little angel felt it too. I am that sad. It affects my online life too (pertains to Facebook). Got no urge of using the internet and checking online accounts and even mails. That's why it really makes me alive again when finally blogger decided to bring it back live. Today I understand that the reason behind it is never take for granted even those stuff that made me happy. Truth that you will never feel it's importance if it isn't gone yet. And these blogs serves as my babies too. They make me happy, once completes me and once cheered  me up  when I felt down. 
Now though I am starting to basic again, got no regrets about it. These blogs (all of them) once provides me money. Though today it wasn't in the state that it can give me some earnings, I will not let them down, I am ready to start from the basic to gain again friends, page rank and opportunities to make it a lively blog again. For now I will start it to make a diary like it has before. 

And they share to my happiness

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