Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY and Recycling Project

Its been a year or more that I got into DIY stuff.Now that we we're having our own space in mom's house, buying isn't the first choice for everything. Even if there's an allotted budget still t is not the first thing in mind. Mom have lots of stuff. She said she cannot use everything she has and the best way to dispose it is to give it to us and make use of it. She planned on having a smaller abode enough for her to move and have rest. A place which is relaxing less mess, and less unnecessary appliances. That is an advantage to us. Though we almost completed our stuff living independently for four years, most f it was given to MIL. And currently they were using it so it ain't good to ask it all back, besides husband is the eldest and it was bought when he was still unmarried. I assumed it is just best to give it to them for good.

One thing that I guess I got from mom is about recycling. Mom recycles everything. When I was a kid I always complaint of having lots of stuff which I thought cannot be used anymore. From dress to, construction materials,  to home furniture and even cabinets ,paints, brushes, used woods and almost everything that she thinks still can be use, she will keep it. Despite of all the mess around home, all of it has been used.Now that her stock is empty we need to buy new ones.
Now that we're renovating, I make use and recycled of our stalls and cabinets. Our cabinets were just new a year ago, the woods  still good and because of a not so good and convenient outcome who made it we did not use it. Besides recycling and DIY projects saves us a lot. Though it maybe  more of an effort, it 's all worth it since it's for our own house.

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