Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Blesings to Be Thankful

It's  just  weeks ago since I said I will be back writing. Some circumstances unexpectedly arises and my again nth time promise of being active to blogging again slowly get blurred. This is when I encounter a rocky road on my life's journey. As much as I wanted I don't want to write a negative thoughts on all of my blogs. I want to share good things, positive mantra and happy stories. This ain't pretending, I just believe that some petty problems need not to be broadcasted. Perhaps there were also times that I am overwhelmed with joy and I can not think enough what to write to share it. Well I now believe that I am a very complicated girl. Lucky me I have my very kind hubby.
Going back, despite petty little issues, I am so much thankful for the little blessings I received especially in my blogging career (do I have one eh? :D ).   It's been so long that my blogs being left idle and just recently that I decided to bring back it's life. I  wrote few posts and seeing it ranking to PR 1 (ALL of my blogs except for the health blog I Care) that fast after reviving from death is a very very good news for me. At least it gave me hope that I can still bring back my blogs status, their life before I get busy with  my little master. It maybe a little and not so special news for others but for me, it's some kind of a big door opening for opportunities that's how I see it.

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