Thursday, June 27, 2013

Setting a More Direct Niche

After years of blogging , just today that I finally thought of fixing my blog's niche's. Funny but seriously I am having a hard time doing so. Most of my blogs becoming general since I can't find the right topics to post each of it. Now I am more serious than ever to make this project "niche-ing" blogs properly.I will start with this blog. Since this is my first born and an original diary, my daily rants and what not's will be posted in here. SO expect this blog to be more broad than others and sometimes will cover other niche's scope (which was actually what I am trying to avoid grr). This time as I mentioned, I am more serious. For me to be able to create and find more motivation in blogging I need and have to do this. After the stressful blog back up and transferring and hosting concerns to my other domain blogs, I am sure that I now have all my vacant time to face the real and more motivated blogging career.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

False Impression

This is just a compilation of thoughts that had happened the good old days. I find it interesting seems recently, I've noticed that my blogs were being visited by teeners. Sharing this old thoughts might be helpful.
I am no perfect teen. I did a lot of mistakes and adventures. I am happy and got no regrets, but one thing I am always sure of, I know my limitations. Most of the time I disobey mom but she never knew or she did but on the later end. My promise to myself is to never disappoints my family especially mom. So if I have to be happy and careless, it's all on me and with my nasty friend world only. The thing that I love most on my teenage days was the part were I am involve into guys. That involvement got nothing to do with a male female relationship instead a one of the boys stage. I've got to learn and understand some real good and bad and even nasty guys perceptions about gals.  To sum it all up, I have learned that most types of guys did not love the first girl that they've got attracted to. If for some reason they end up together, a long journey of misery on the first chapter of their married life. Now that I am happily married and friends and peers with almost the same age was too, I've got the chance to prove that observation.

The following statement has stories and real life characters that I knew personally. But not necessarily means situations present only to one person. It's a compilation.
A hot chick will always be gorgeous in every guys eyes but never be an ideal girl.

A sosy girl will always be noticeable and seemed to be cool but never be a dream girl.

A girl who always shows her assets is like a vendor that always had  high profits and guy will only give 30% chance of making their  relationship seriously.
A simple girl with a former campus crush boyfriend was 90%  not  virgin .
A feeling cool/feeling close girl doesn't always seemed cool to guys instead taking advantage of her attitude that she can take more meaner and worst treatments and let her gave up being a feeler.
A sophisticated girl is always a dream girl.
A firm and proper girl were always top subjects of maniac guys. 
Guys were interested to make butch a female.
Having the campus crush girl is only always a trophy for guys.
Teenage life is more of a complications, in order to survive you have to set goals and be concise . And true as what elders always say never focus to relationships instead set it as a part time life bonus.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Neutral: Avoiding Misunderstandings

Being a stay at home mom means limiting my hangouts with my true and real friends. Of coarse what to expect, I am a mom of a toddler and expecting on the way for the second time around, no more time for going out with friends. The more that I stay at home, the more I get to know my not so good neighbors. I am not good either especially to their eyes or to everyone's eyes in our neighborhood. But this is my blog and my insights has the right to be placed on here. Knowing most of them, especially those that were not so old but not the same age as mine, I am so much thankful I have this life that I chose. Indeed, I now accepted the fact that my current situation is not because I am out of choice but because this is actually what I have chosen. It just too late before I realized the fact. Also being a SAHM, in order to avoid making gossips about others life on my free time (though parang wala naman akong free time), blogging is more addicting and more productive. One more thing, I also see Facebook as a form of virtual gossiping. Not good either. Now I prefer my social networking accounts more of a communication bridge solely. I opted the unnecessary notifications.
Back again, the reason why I wrote this post is about being thankful for always. For the blessings; the trials; the good and the bad that happens in my life and literally for everything. I learned that it is better to look it that way than to keep on complaining of life's offerings. Why I hate so much social interaction outside home. Their delivering bad vibes and instead their convincing me to hate anybody in the community, they were just teaching me to be mad at them. Most of the people around complaining on the life they had right now, to be more of a neutral conversational (those times that I can't find a way to escape), Just keep on saying you have a choice to so the right thing you think you should do. Yeah, that's what they always heard on me. Never give a piece of trash talk or opinion about others. (mahirap na mgkakapitbahay lang kame! hmpf). I only talk to those people I really trusted but sad to say other than my family and real friends, got no other options in the neighborhood.


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