Saturday, June 22, 2013

False Impression

This is just a compilation of thoughts that had happened the good old days. I find it interesting seems recently, I've noticed that my blogs were being visited by teeners. Sharing this old thoughts might be helpful.
I am no perfect teen. I did a lot of mistakes and adventures. I am happy and got no regrets, but one thing I am always sure of, I know my limitations. Most of the time I disobey mom but she never knew or she did but on the later end. My promise to myself is to never disappoints my family especially mom. So if I have to be happy and careless, it's all on me and with my nasty friend world only. The thing that I love most on my teenage days was the part were I am involve into guys. That involvement got nothing to do with a male female relationship instead a one of the boys stage. I've got to learn and understand some real good and bad and even nasty guys perceptions about gals.  To sum it all up, I have learned that most types of guys did not love the first girl that they've got attracted to. If for some reason they end up together, a long journey of misery on the first chapter of their married life. Now that I am happily married and friends and peers with almost the same age was too, I've got the chance to prove that observation.

The following statement has stories and real life characters that I knew personally. But not necessarily means situations present only to one person. It's a compilation.
A hot chick will always be gorgeous in every guys eyes but never be an ideal girl.

A sosy girl will always be noticeable and seemed to be cool but never be a dream girl.

A girl who always shows her assets is like a vendor that always had  high profits and guy will only give 30% chance of making their  relationship seriously.
A simple girl with a former campus crush boyfriend was 90%  not  virgin .
A feeling cool/feeling close girl doesn't always seemed cool to guys instead taking advantage of her attitude that she can take more meaner and worst treatments and let her gave up being a feeler.
A sophisticated girl is always a dream girl.
A firm and proper girl were always top subjects of maniac guys. 
Guys were interested to make butch a female.
Having the campus crush girl is only always a trophy for guys.
Teenage life is more of a complications, in order to survive you have to set goals and be concise . And true as what elders always say never focus to relationships instead set it as a part time life bonus.

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