Thursday, June 27, 2013

Setting a More Direct Niche

After years of blogging , just today that I finally thought of fixing my blog's niche's. Funny but seriously I am having a hard time doing so. Most of my blogs becoming general since I can't find the right topics to post each of it. Now I am more serious than ever to make this project "niche-ing" blogs properly.I will start with this blog. Since this is my first born and an original diary, my daily rants and what not's will be posted in here. SO expect this blog to be more broad than others and sometimes will cover other niche's scope (which was actually what I am trying to avoid grr). This time as I mentioned, I am more serious. For me to be able to create and find more motivation in blogging I need and have to do this. After the stressful blog back up and transferring and hosting concerns to my other domain blogs, I am sure that I now have all my vacant time to face the real and more motivated blogging career.

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