Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blogger Kha-m Back Little Giveaway

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hello dear friends (if I have here hehehe) It's been so long that I am not active with my blogging tasks. Blog hopping, visiting, commenting and the likes. Pardon me, though it's been a year and nine months that I am a mom yet I am still having a hard time managing my time. That's why I greatly acknowledge and partially envy those other blogging , working moms who can continually managed not just one but many blogs.

As a treat to those faithful friends whom continuously visiting this blog, new friends will soon come and visit here and soon will be my friends and those who accidentally dropped by. I am holding my first ever giveaway. Who wouldn't want Freebies?

Thanks to Firmoo for sponsoring though after my blogging hiatus they still gives me a chance sponsoring my giveaway.

By the way wondrin' who is Firmoo?

Firmoo is the world's most popular online optical store.
They have a large selection of affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses.
I have eyeglasses from them and not because they are my sponsor I am going to tell this but as a satisfied customer, I can say the product from them is really good. Not just stylish but the the quality is superb considering I have a toddler who always fought to have her own pair. 
I've got five pairs of sunglasses from Firmoo, I showed only four since I am not able to use my prescription glass because I'm pregnant and it doesn't fit on my lense. Hormonal changes. I am not a fan of sunglasses since I am lack of a visible nose bridge but husband is.

There are a few prizes up for grabs:
(1) Six (6) valid contestants will get $20 E-Vouchers that can be used towards any Classic Series Frames seen here
Some of the frames are less than $20. The E-vouchers are only applied to frames. 
Shipping is extra. Please check here to see if they ship to your country.
(2) If there are over fifty (50) contestants, one grand prize winner will receive one free pair of Classic Series Glasses with shipping included! 
 Contest Rules (mandatory simple)
(1) Please follow this BLOG and the following blogs thru Networked Blogs
It's Kha
K Lyxn
Mommy Kha
The Greenhorn Thoughts
Ultimately Opposite

(2) Visit this link here and let me know in the comments below which pair of glasses you would like to win!

And Wait there's more!!

Firmoo also has a "First Free Pair Program" where you only have to pay for shipping! 
Check it out here.
Winners will be chosen by

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Ferry Joy said...

oi!! baket di mo ito inadvertise!!!
ngayon lang naka punta ulet!!!

pede pa bang sumali????

gusto ko ng firmoo ehehehhe


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