Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Story Behind the Crying Cop

I am always watching news every night and the headline about this cop really interests me. Who wouldn't be? I guess anybody didn't expect a big police man deployed in a dispersal assignment to maintain peace and orderliness on the day of the President's SONA will show emotions and weakness. "Weakness" exactly the word I thought immediately and after hearing the headlines. Which was actually I felt ashamed afterwards learning about the real story behind. Ashamed that I conclude that the policeman is weak.
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Learning that the cop's name Is SPO1 Joselito Sevilla a private policemen from Marikina Police Unit. It was his first dispersal assignment and probably he is not used with the protesters and the situation. As per protocol on duty, what SPO1 Sevilla's action was out of control. He should be reprimanded for showing such emotions in the middle of amidst situation. Truth and given the fact that we are all human ,can feel pain, tiredness and suffering yet bound and sworn by duty as professional his actions still not accepted.

Photo by Rem Zamora for
 SPO1 Sevilla consoled by the protesters.

The thing that made me moved knowing the real story is that this policemen shows his identity of being a good person who refused to war, bloody protests and riots. It is so rare to know people especially a policeman like SPO1 Sevilla in the uniform of PNP. Most of the guys were like goons that untouchables and unbreakable. Showing his softness didn't actually seemed to be a weakness , now I can say. In my own opinion, it his passion being a policeman and a good person can still be not separated although bound by duty. 

Photo by Rem Zamora for
The policeman flashing the peace sign before the dispersal is same person as the crying cop.

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