Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Setting Up Topics to Write

I am one of those bloggers who suffer writers block. The thing is I felt like it happened most of the time to me. But whenever I am not in front of the computer, I think and have in mind a lot of topics to write and to share. Formulating my own management on my condition (pertaining to writer's block thingy). I decided to make a list of topics that pops up on my mind. I may never know where and what blog for it to categorize but just keep on writing such titles and topic description is a big help. Still I am having a hard time staying in the computer because of my 21 month old daughter but borrowing mom's tablet phone, helps me to write down what I needed and continues it when my baby's asleep. I am into monetizing my blog but more than that as the main reason I have blogs is to chronicle our life, adventures and misadventures. Earning is a big bonus for me in blogging which is I am much thankful about. Recently I've got to enjoy reading archives of my blogs. It made me laugh, reminisce, sometimes saddened and recall what were the things I should be thankful for today. I also found out that I am getting more and more better in writing. Heehee. Though my blogs sometimes took so long before I update it, it only means my daughter has more time on the computer than me. ;D


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