Sunday, June 21, 2015

Diary Again

I feel so down this has been the longest but I know I am able to manage it. I always think that there were others suffering worst than what I can think of. I don't feel comfortable writing the reasons behind but letting me typed in the feeling, made me feel somehow better with the back ground music of Slapshock, Quezo, Wolfgand, Urbandub and other local rock band. Suits my ear and my feelings. I don't know why I feel so comforted with these kind of genre. But the thing about listening to it again makes me miss my brother so much. It relaxes me and forget what I am into but misses him and change the feeling into sadness of missing him. Sigh* cannot get everything in one shot ayt?. I almost tried posting in my account about tired of getting strong. Yet I deleted it. It shows signs of weakness I know and spread negativity online and to my friends news feed. So I thought not a good idea. My blog is my diary. And not everyone in my fb can see my blog. Not everyone will be interested anyway. That means I can still express my frustrations here. 


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