Monday, January 18, 2016

Back into Reading

I once love reading. Back when I was young (so matagal na yun lols) and when I was bum at home for my first born, I used t read articles and news online. I am not so much into hard copy such as books nor magazines but time to time I also checked those. But browsing is the most that I love. Things or articles that made me interests makes me keep on coming back on that web page. Recently my love for reading seems coming back. I downloaded ibooks and pdf of the stories , short poems that interests me. I may not look a book worm (cause its not a bookworm db. eBook-worm hehee)  to others and this some sort of a joke but I am. Funny how my interest little by little getting back on me. I think I am starting of getting back my old self.. hehehe

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