Friday, July 8, 2016

Hone by Time

Life is a full of crap. Life is unfair. Nothing on earth was made to be perfect. Fact that I know almost everyone knows. Coping up, adaptation, being receptive and acceptance is a key to happiness. That 's what I learned so far in my 30 years of existence. Resistance is not an option, most especially quitting. Keep moving on as one of the line from famous song of the band Paramore. Making things out of it. Appreciate and be thankful. Resolving life puzzles and accepting God's plan no matter how difficult to accept. That's how it goes. Somehow with the people I am with, with the challenges that I overcome and going through, the lessons that life taught me. For sometimes I felt like tired and thought of quitting yet now I know it is not the best way. I can rest, breath and prepare myself for everything. Be it a challenge , a blessing or even just a simple day. Give thanks that my life is moving. Though it may not be the phase I wanted to be I have my uppers to hang on stronger than my life's downers.

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