Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Level up Plans

As I get matured and looking at the bigger picture of my little family, I am aiming more and more for my kids. How I can make their life comfortable and the way of their living without neglecting the  things that they should learn in life as they grows. Plan of their studies and more spacious home. My dream of owning our own home seemingly vanish as I have to be more practical and think of other things which is more important. Mom and my eldest brother offer's our ancestral's house. At the same time mom needs someone to accompany her and we can't also afford to be away from mom. Recently mom's another level up proposal is to renovate for the second time of our home. A proposal of new main doorway  and also offers a new side for windows as it is more conducive and more ventilated side of the house. She also advises to look for ideas of window  tinting for homes online or in the nearby home depot. I am enthusiastic for mom's ideas and offers at the same time I feel like kids need a more spacious rooms to play and study. The property is available all we have to do is to maximize the availability of it and plan carefully.  It was mom's suggestion not to get a ling term house loan. Considering that it will be our achievement as a couple yet that would be a long term sweet burden though. And 30 years is not a short period. That will be half of our lives. I was enticed how developers nearby beautify houses around with an ample square foot property. The place that I have right now is more promising than subdivisions houses. Our place is not a depressed area but a residential area. Making the best out of it, designing at my finest touch to satisfy my craving with developers taste of construction and reading some professional tips online. While planning of how to start the renovation, as early as now we are checking for alternative and best ideas for a good design that we will include in our bucket list for renovation .In time all of the plans that's piling up will be coming into reality the sooner.



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