Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Villain of the Secret Affair

I am a little (just a little promise🙂) upset as I am writing this post. As when I try my best not to be mean, not to talk about ot yet I heard statements that I am then the villain of their secret affair.
I am really amazed how she can managed it silently. And just because I am loud then I am now the bad one here.
1. I am genuinely true to you initially, what about you?
2. I don't give a damn about your so called BEST FRIEND with BENEFITS affair that was just started 4 months ago 😳 best friends with common interest right?! to FLIRT!
3. Accept it, you're a flirt don't make excuses about it.  Can't contain yourself without hanging out with him.
4. You said you don't care about him let me give one of the most plastic scenario:
    He's ignoring you for a week and you are worried even asked me as to why and sent him a pm then you made a consistent effor! 👏🏻
   What about me? we've been close since then, if you see him as a friend and the same thing  to me why is that, I (we) never felt your consistency. Good job flirt! 😐
5. Everything you told me when we were in the getting to know stage was a BIG LIE 🏆
( I can add screen shots here 🤔)

You will never like it if I boiled up with your paawa and epal drama making me  the reason why you're secret affair is no longer a secret. I haven't done anything yet! Wala pa! I was so nice enough forgiving you about accusing me, cause you don't really matter at all. But don't fill up my tumbler of kindness( tumbler lang un) cause I can directly talk to your spouses don't push me too much Harotcheena!

sorry for posting this, I just would like to vent out and help myself to cope with this feeling that I would like to reveal everything but still I am worried about their family.  I know Karma is approaching. Juat don't push me too much or I can be your Karma.


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