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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Additional to the Family


When we decided to buy a property, we are so happy that we are going to have our first ever investment. It may not be that big but still it's an investment and a fulfillment for me. Last year, I received this best offer, buying a house and lot directly from the owner to pay only for 3 years. What a good deal right? For some instance after paying for almost a year the seller need an immediate money for healthcare expenses. The owners are elderly and no other source of income except from their child. They received a best-est offer to cash in the property they were selling. Though it is a bridge of contract but since I understand their situation hubby and I give in since they were returning all the money that we paid. 
It's frustrating yet I saw a rainbow while holding that sum of money we received back. I suggested , since we also needed, to purchase a car. It may not be an investment but this will make the kids happier and comfortable for our growing family. It may be an expenses in exchange of our supposedly investment but we've got no regrets having Wyx as an additional family member. 

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