Tuesday, June 10, 2008

don't i deserve??

so sad..sad.. sad..sad..(sigh)...the guy has all the gutts to ignore..fuck! really fuck!.. just waiting for some cue..but wtf the guy wears all the drama..lakas ng loob!.. pucha!..eversince the man never said what just wanted to be heard.. the guy do expresses but never been said... a simple sorry with sincerity.. a feeling of really sorry... the most insensitive one..nice!..also not a thoughtful one didn't make any way to make up..not even thought if that someone already ate late at night? w.t.hell!..this guy may thought that the other half was the toughest among, that also a guy and do feel like a guys!..sheet!does they really knew each other?...now its a mess.. wondrin'..really wondrin' accompanied by confusion!.. shit! shit! shit!

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jean said...

wats wrong... may somthing kng emote na ganun


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