Thursday, June 19, 2008

im on a change..

i've change my page template..i feel like the first one was quite childish like blog..(but i do like that 13 months of sunshine) I love the creations of the goddest of pinoybloggers...i just want a skin which represents me .. the thoughts, the acts , the life and most especially the feelings i do express through the time i was blogging...emo..Lol..actually i just found myself hunger for this skin..courtesy of leiyah that's why my supposedly contentment, now longed for such beyond the expected one.. (sorry for the blame hahaha)...for now i just want to welcome my new skin coz i'm not yet ready to write all those stuffs, sitch and escapades happened in my life recently.. a lot to tell so(write).. but the best of the best things happened recently is that we're (honey and i) finally okay and happy..soooo happy... ciao!

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