Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holidays are Holidays?..

i know it should not be the right time to post something like what i am going to but this is what i feel, that's why i have my blog...i know it's mean to say i don't like Christmas.. But stress and pressure and conflicts arising at this season make me feel this thing..How many people and children waited for this season, why i didn't feel the same as's even better on ordinary days... this will be the last Christmas I will felt like this... I swear... either i celebrate for this season or just let it pass just as a day..These season..not only Christmas but the whole season.. last night i am thinking hilariously,cause i am badly hurt..all fed up of everything.. i almost think of quiting..most common thing was room was so dark, it tempts me a lot.. i am in deeply depression..if ever everything ill be needing on what supposed to what i want is complete inside my room... but such i can say i am a good person, i even think of the what if's... if only i am concern for myself alone i already did..but i am not.. i am mad at myself being not that selfish. to think to what i wanted..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does it shows?

December 11, 1958 was the greatest holiday for us(kuya mike,cris and kha).. It was our mom's thankful of having her as our mom..the most cool, astig and lufeetz mom!..hehehe..kinda strict before, actuallyduring the times we were unable to think right enough..she is indeed a guide.. she supports us and love and provide for us since Papa died 11 years ago... a modern mom.. a fashionista, talandi and kikay... more kikay than me..(i'm not a kikay kase.)can talk everything with in everything..we will always be that thankful to God for letting her be our mom..I love you mom..and Happy 50th birthday..hope more birthdays with your grandchilds and grand grand childs..
she was now 50! hot and pretty!! i wish I grow old that blooming and looks fresh instill..hehehe

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ms. No Question!!

i thought i was already immune to toxic clinical instructress... actually we all(D1) though so.. not until we land our feet at San Lazaro Hospital! a 431 years old hospital still running consistently in the country... grrrr...Ms. No Question!..she was a much!... she never entertain questions!..nor suggestions our explanations!..everybody around were wronged for her... a "dyosa" feeling... supposedly our duty wasn't that tiring and stressful we enjoy the place and the cases but because of her it became a hell!... almost what Mark stated "!(she ruined my deo's effectiveness,now almost wet my underarms! i felt wet and uncomfortable!!"...literally he says!..she did that kind!... even me, i wanted to run away from her... grabe!!! don't want to meet her again! ever!! if we only had a choice!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carandang and Ortiz Nuptial

Accident is neither a encumbrance nor an obstruction to enjoy life events…hehehehe... after my post screaming bday gift here we are still enjoying life pressures and challenges.. Huny and I was invited to my brother’s sister in law’s wedding, its Glenda... She is a friend since then my brother married her eldest sister, my sis in law jenny...Actually the rest of their family(the Ortiz family) invited us… so were not hesitant to attend besides they want us to witness them and be part of it.. gorgeous Glenda was!(I think I’m in love Lol..) They had this saying that the bride was the most beautiful lady in her wedding day and it was absolutely true. So many time s it was proven... a 26 years old, graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in accountancy.. A second to the eldest loving and very supportive sibling of 4 children of the Ortiz family… she was also one of the major sponsor of my brother and sister in law through their hard times… a much family oriented daughter… Now she is on her way building own family… He married the guy named Arnel as what Kuya said they were engaged for a long period of time… In order to be more prepared they chose to get marry if they had enough budgets for the expenses… (Unlike my brother’s wedding... hehehe) … So everything that day was planned… I never see her before that gorgeous… she looks like a celebrity… she is a morena babe… awesome… the venue were the same as my brother’s wedding also the reception... The new to the wedding was our nephew Carl Joseph! A volatile child wearing so extreme mood swings... he even got no pictures walking at the isle… tsk… tsk… tsk… or at least pictures together with the rest kids part of the wedding ceremony… Cj woke up 2 am prior the wedding day… the elders wanted him to sleep again so as he will be having enough energy for the event, but unfortunately at exactly the time the wedding starts he felt asleep… lots of people (majority their relatives) says that cj need almost half of the day sleeping hours to be conditioned… OM to the G! Our nephew almost spoils the wedding by his moods and his Aunt Glenda of coarse quite disappointed... But we all knew no one can blame the precious one... Just a deep sigh we can all do... since it was what had happened, I just need to captures him picture as a remembrance… my aim first in attending the wedding was to be Carl Joseph’s personal photographer as courtesy of Bru’s digital camera... as how he walks at the isle, pix with her aunts and other relatives and his precious smiles… but Cj was not in the mood all day long… he didn’t even want to be pictured by anybody strictly no exemptions!… the kid has his own attitudes!... “ maldito”… well he is Almendra blooded maybe that’s why…Lol… to Arnel and Glenda the event was perfect, the preparation and the programs… in behalf of the Almendra we are so very grateful and a pleasure to be part of your most especial day…

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

final destination..

Never thought I would believe about second life...Not before I am in to the accident. Before, there were no 2nd life, 3rd and so fort. I don't believe in those, only one life God had given. How I am taking care of my life after, well I am now always worried and so much careful. I am a freelancer, adventurous and a risk taker, that was BEFORE. Now I am afraid, I wanted to always take care. I’m not afraid of dying, I knew it will come if it is really your time but I am now afraid of risk. As much as possible I wanted to move freely but safe not unlike before. I’m CARELESS!! ..Learned now to value the most precious gift. I’ve been in so many places, risky and life threatening activities, dangerous stuffs, but not yet suffered to any injury or met a dangerous scenario which is really a matter of life and death. I told to my mom I am not supposed to change for the better. That maybe the Creator isn't yet ready to accept me. That was the thought enters in my mind an hour after the accident. Wherein I am planning a good mass with huny, then it happened. My intention was good but a big WHY fuzzes me. But just as I was wrong as honey told me. We were now a newborn Christian whom entitled to do MORE beautiful things than before. I always believe that everything happens for a reason, I don't want to ask why to Him or condemned/blame Him, as I attended the mass at Immaculate Mother of God Church, I whisper thank you to Him, though I still didn't know why it happen I know in myself I will find it eventually. I don't have to ask for answers I have a strong faith in his genius mind... Am trying to cope up, lessen my paranoia, try to back as before but I can't... I always worry. For what reason still a puzzle. I know I'm changing but I didn't know if it’s for the better or worst... I'm I a middle of confusion how to act or think positively. I am also aware that I am developing another personality disorder due to post accident trauma. I’d still believe I am tough and I can proceed and win this triumph!Good luck kHa!

Monday, December 1, 2008

my shocking post birthday gift

plans are well organized and been prepared.. the plans 5:00 am-honey and i need to wake up as that early to prepare in going to Tagaytay for the early mass.. 7:15 am-was the mass time at St. Anthony's Boys Village his Rector/friend Fr.Bubot will be holding the mass 9:00 am-we supposed to leave the SABV 9:00 am onwards eat in a cozy restaurant at Tagaytay as huny's treat to my post birthday gift going to picnic groove to look out and try the cable car now at the park enjoying moments together 7:00 pm-going home and bring some pasalubong for his family and for my mom.. the tragedy 5:00 am-honey and i woke up and prepare in going to Tagaytay for the early mass.. 6:30-we left our house 6:45-a shocking crushing vehicular accident happened! 7:00am onwards- we are at the St. Mazenod Hospital for first aid and emergency care done an skull appendicular lateral radiographic x-ray got a head injury facial bruises my head bleeds a lot(its a head injury expected it will bleed a lot) and my tooth broke!waaaaaaa i thought it wasn't that serious.. a simple pasta will be my suspense it was afraid loosing my big front teeth..(if ever a tooth fairy may ask me what set of teeth i may chose to, i will still ask for my own unorganized teeth again).. the dentist told it was a serious injury..a major injury to be exactly!.. the tragedy scenario we were on our way,the tricycle runs so slow, i was about to complain cause we will be late for the mass it is a 45 minute travel to tagaytay...suddenly while on a sweet conversation with huny, we just felt a big bump at the back of the tricycle, and we both saw how the driver flew and smashed on the ground also with the other passenger sitting at the back ride..our instinct runs, we don't have the driver now i first think of controlling the tricycle..i look for the foot break but i am afraid of exposing my foot for i was more going to be hurt..and honey tried to control the tricycle by putting his right leg with much pressure on the ground tried very hard to control the speed of the tricycle to minimize the bump on the park van beside the road..i am afraid that we may be crushed with another fast and moving cars on the road that's why i think of controlling the tricycle, then we ended up bump in a van and a banana vendor head was crushed into the mirror of the tricycle that made it broke and cause a abrassion and lessions on my head and face..then that's it my tooth broke..but still were both concious..huny's leg got stocked between the tricycle and the van..then we were brought to the hospital..we were both assessed finely..done x-rays and aother assessment..i also went to a dentist for the fixation of my tooth..our body's both felt so tired and severe pain..yet we had to fix things, the demand, the medico legal and other stuffs.. indeed my post birthday gift..but still we both thankful for another life had given..


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