Monday, March 23, 2009

So Near yet So far but it's now near..hehehehe

it's march 23 today , few days to go,actually 11 days to be exact graduation day comes..until this time it wasn't sinking in my mind yet that it was for real..still remembering the days before..
i am belonged to precious last batch of computer science students of University of Makati.. I was an athlete, a left wing forward in position, sometimes midfield, a varsity player of University of Makati Football team, headed by our coaches Mr. Ryan Vega and Ms.Anne Pascual. . Our team was once became an Ateneo Alumni Representatives.. I've avail 75 % off tuition fees of the university...It was my first and last game I'd love so much..Due to some financial difficulties I stopped schooling and chose to let my brother finished first than me..
To help in financing him I worked and became a Quality Controller at Sony Headphones Manufacturing Company at the age of 16. I even cheats on my legal documents such as my birth certificate, social security number and a police clearance just to be capable of was a contractual contract, a 6 month being with that company thereafter another same position at a different products which is the computer sensitive parts, i became an employee of but this time a different contract, i was promoted to be a regular employee of that company..but i chose to resign, i chose my study first, this time my brother then stabled of his job and can sent me to school... From Computer Science student, since we were the last batch and i stopped, i have to shift to another coarse.. then i chose nursing in a different Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila.. Tuition fee was not a joke in my new coarse and also since i was a transferee i cannot avail any scholarship the school offering.. Gladly my minor subjects have been credited and it was a help to proceed and lessen my fees..i took my AHSE coarse at Emilio Aguinaldo College with flying colors and lots of different sets of friends.. They were still my friends until now.. and still keeping in touch..Because of in demand stage of the coarse i am belonged to, institutions can't control the tuition fees hike of the colleges and universities..After finishing AHSE(Associate in Health and Science Education)coarse I am now entering and had passed at 87% of the battery exam for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Coarse and one of the students of Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila holding the Capping and Pinning Ceremony at PICC's Plenary Hall Batch 2006.. Such a blessing though not really considered as one, my second brother got her girlfriend pregnant, and the girl's family was demanding for a church wedding.. we aren't that rich to spend lots of money at the same time.. i have to give way and understand my brother's situation.. again i stopped studying and to be able not to waste my time at home, i look for work again.. I became a call center agent of Advance Solutions, Standard Charter and City Bank..and a good friend offered me work as an office staff with a good schedule, unlike graveyard shifts(got so thin when i was a customer service reps).. I worked at TDK Fujitsu Company at Laguna, still manufacturing company, i was designated for files and records of the employees I also became a regular employee but still wanted to finish my studies,
I then again resigned and continue my coarse at again a different University..then I was here, finally 5 days to go, i am going to finish my journey as a student and going to face the real life journey!!.. it amaze me, i did it.. Finally did it..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Am not mad, Just Dissapointed

For you: be strong.. I don't have any intentions of becoming a cruela devil on your life, i always be here to support whatever deeds you do or you may want to do, just a big disappointment i have felt after that.. i know you are in big trouble right now but not of coarse a reason to be fuzz and clumsy of what i have said if you were not just you i won't be these huge bothered.. that don't cost much!.. i am now worried of what the guy might think about you, we don't know the people, even my guy told so, but the mistakes starts on you obviously.. a lot have noticed of it... i don't want to blame you i know it didn't help but instead i want you to be more responsible for yourself.. i want you to be more tough.. be strong of everything happening now on your life, i maybe don't have a good shoulder to cry on , but i will never leave..eventually being with you i have seen the changes, your changes, but as much as possible i don't want you to step on the wrong path i had stepped on before.. i had so many mistakes that's maybe a reason i known a lot, but i want you to be more known that me not committing same can learn without mistakes, learn by others, open your ears, your heart.. be more open..don't get mad, i don't mean a thing, I'm sorry if i am cold, i don't know how to act, you do know "makulit nga ei" had no meds of that, i just want you to know what i feel and after that it's over.. were back..i'm back..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Hate Mistresses

usually mistress are describe as snakes.. this pictures shows literally mistress.. how i hate mistresses.. last midnight Bru texted me about her Dad still having an affair with the same girl before.. the first time they caught their dad last November 2007, it was a real bad news though we are just her friend we were really affected on her situation. For me i viewed their family as a happy complete and perfect one, that's why i am quiet hurt and disappointed that that thing happened.. everybody knows that it was over then, her dad make up and she says really regretting as she describes, so i am really shocked upon reading her message last night.. it was an ouch! i know.. I experienced being fooled and i know how it hurts and scars me inside.. I know Bru is hurting, of coarse and I almost wanted to hurt his dad.. How I hate cheaters!!.. I've been once a cheater but I never let anybody knows, so as less info less hurts and that was a long time ago.. I really hate people like her dad!! as i saw her mom fully devoted and serving his dad for some reason that nobody can rationalized he still cheats on her!! He don't even think that she has 3 daughters what if his karma bounce to her daughters!!.. he never thinks! his insensitive..!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sorry I’m Late

Late of updating my blog due to busy hours at school and lack of resources plus the fact that I am enjoying Chin that much! Now I’ve been updating it coz we had our notebook ok and a visibility soon.. hahaha .. Thank you so much huny for giving me the things I never ask but you know I wanted.. I love you so much for that!

March 1,2009 I Miss My Room

It’s been so long I am not sleeping with my own room.. I missed it a lot.. And as me and huny arrived we were quite amazed! whoa! it’s a beautiful house now. How I missed staying at home.. we spent the night at my room like was before where we were doing it illegal and our sin doing it but the difference now, it now not a sin anymore and legal at all.. hehehe.. I also miss fooling with my bro and chatting with my I missed Cavite as I was overjoyed on huny’s company and my friends..

Feb 28,2009 The Wedding and The Angel’s Angel

At the reception..funny coz we are a total clinche'..hahahaha
The spoon made the nice shot
Soulmate and me.. few pix after so long..
Jetrene Rey Waro with the soulmate..
i made a peace sign but julz making faces(indication?)hmmm
Juz for kikayz..ahahaha
Plastic me..hahaha
Gorgeous Julz
who will say no to us huh?..
wasted at the cab going to the wedding..

We can say were gorgeous! Hahaha Whoa! We were the only visitors made a little effort on the wedding day.. we saw our old colleagues unprepared for the occasion. I am not that mean but I was expecting too much to our other peeps to just be good to their selves on our friends wedding day.. one colleague attended with her hubby and baby, looks like a housewife but before in our college days she was one of the neat and precious jewel of our class.. no formality at all.. I saw my 24 hour ex-boyfriend with his wife which is also our classmate.. and the good old bully guy friends.. the groom seemed to be stressed.. hehe and the bride hmmm look good and they said a 3month on the way.. it was a happy day with them remembering the days.. what a day full of laughs..

Feb 26,2009 Preparation

Our colleague Rommel Federizo is getting married.. He’s our(Julie and I) former classmate at Makati University.. Since Jayson is also our classmate and he was now Lea’s boyfriend she was also invited to the event.. we three felt nervous knowing we are invited, first for me and Julie, coz we haven’t seen the rest of our peeps for so long.. there were jokes and hi hellos with matching screening..hahaha we have to prepare for it.. we have to be very beautiful in their eyes! Wuahahaha…

Feb 25, 2009 Lenten Season Starts

Its Ash Wednesday today, Julie drop on our home, bursting out her hatreds on her mom’s acts.. She leaved Chin at Lot’s House( lotlot is her former nanny to chin but still loves taking care of chin tho she wasn’t paid for it) She wanted to be alone just bursting out her feelings, I just listened to her and eventually ask her to come with me for the mass at Baclaran.. She came with me and spent with the novena and mass.. when I was feeling like she felt that time all I do was went at the church pray and talk to God.. I am not that religious but every time I did that I feel ok after.. And I just wanted to share to her what making me feel better would be possible unto her too.. they say I am a good speaker, good adviser but I know not all the time, and when I don’t want to speak I recommend it most.. Lenten Season 40 days after it’s our feast on Cavite.. quiet excited and worried.. excited for the thought but worried for the expenses hehe.. oh it could be a double celebration my graduation day is on 3rd day of April and our feast will be on the 5th day.. to lessen expenditures I think it’s better to celebrate it as one.. hahaha practicality!.

Feb 21,2009 It’s a Girls Day Out!

Hahaha supposed to be a night out but since we (Julie, Lea and me) were not capable of it so it was a day out..hehehe Julie asked me to accompany her in making her hair more gorgeous.. so its Saturday and I am done with my household task so I said yes!.. we went to Lea’s parlor (she was a patron of that parlor and recommended on us) no regrets the beautician really did well!.. she/he made us three gorgeous!.. After pampering ourselves Julie and I went to Shopwise for our groceries.. it’s Saturday and payday so we have to buy our needs at home.. Chin enjoys the ride on a cart.. a naughty bright girl!..

Feb 20,2009 I am a Chaperone

After duty bru asked me to be with her together with her new comedian boyfriend Yson.. Don’t get me wrong he’s not an actor nor an actress hehehe.. just a person overflowing of sense of humor.. we were at the G4 hopping around and looking for some cool trip.. I was seemed a chaperone with the lovers.. it’s nothing coz I am used to it with bru besides when Jason was courting yet I was indeed he would ask for to set a date with Bru.. well being with their company was enjoy!.. no single moment for boredom and I was always full stomach! Ahhaha .. and we won’t leave Glorieta without experiencing Blizzards!.. it was our main goal even before Bru still single..hehehe..

Feb 19,2009 It’s a Hooray!

Yesterday was a tiring day! Really tiring day! But it was nothing to all we have felt after!.. Everybody congratulates us.. The big Persona of the university whom attended and the feedback! It was really a best feeling hearing those!! We felt lifted up!.. We were only praying for the good but God was really good, he gave us the best results!.. comparing to other seminars will be holding, ours was the best not because it is our own but the basis were the feedbacks we received.. Everybody deserves applause for all the committees worked on it! It’s a hooray! Success on us! And Bonding!.. after the event the group whom always release gossips about our group invited us for some celebration and that night conflicts in between were solved!.. thanks to the seminar we met our goals and God give us more as what we were expecting!..

Feb 18,2009 The Grand Day Survivor Ako!

It is our Seminar day.. Will be held at Jade’s Palace at Shaw Boulevard around 2 in the afternoon.. Everyone in the group were nervous with excitement.. I leave home at 9 am with honey.. I was the one going to bring all the 150 pc fragile give aways.. Lea offered to accompany me but as I knew her activities for the following days she needed some rest, and besides she will also be singing our theme.. she was the soloist..
while on cab
Huny supposed to be with me but his work demands on him, so he ask me to take a cab and text when I arrived to my colleagues to ask some help carrying those.. on the way to the venue I am also feeling nervous and deeply praying for the success of our seminar.. it’s a tiring week since January 24 and I am praying for the return of our hardships and sacrifices.. Our theme was Survivor Ako Pinoy Nars!It was really a survival literally! haha for our section! We are only 29 students in our section and our expenses spend as much as 50,000 pesos.. efforts, donations, hardships and lot more to excel!.. Real survivors!.. I arrived at the venue at 11 am half of the classmates were there and setting up the place, rehearsing.. all were praying the same as mine.. not to be the best but a good outcome will be appreciated!..
earlier before we starts

Feb 16,2009 The Last Seminar Sacrifice

For how many weeks we’ve been so busy for our upcoming Integrated Seminar. It was supposed to be a combined seminars with three sections but due to some conflicts our section decided to separate and made our own.. no buts, no regrets it’s here all prepared and done.. finally our section unites.. our section known for the “(pasaway)complicated full of conflicts Section” because of majority in it were transferees there are lots of difference.. beliefs, culture, attitudes etc.. But we made it! Yes we did! For once the whole section unite, cooperate and work as one.. it was our main objective in separating with the other groups, secondary the good seminar.. And today, is Bru(lea) and me last sacrifice for it!, we picked up our souvenirs done at Divisoria place.. we have to make a personal touch on it so we have to work together.. seems like we were boys while carrying the two big big plastic bags of the souvenir minding it was a fragile thing!.. we take it as a joke.. Imagine we were wearing our uniform of coarse with high heels while carrying big plastic bags. Lea called me Pocahontas and she was Mulan! Hahaha tiring but enjoy!..

upon arrival at our home, no minutes must be wasted, we start finishing touches of our souvenir..

presto! we finished the 150 pcs of souvenirs at 4 am in the expected we were absent at our review class.. but Lea has to do something and need to went to the university.. She needed to rehearse and teach our other classmates to our theme song entitled I Believe by Fantasia Barrino.. Hay so near yet so far.. we our on our way to real life.. Can’t wait for the last day of school!..


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