Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feb 16,2009 The Last Seminar Sacrifice

For how many weeks we’ve been so busy for our upcoming Integrated Seminar. It was supposed to be a combined seminars with three sections but due to some conflicts our section decided to separate and made our own.. no buts, no regrets it’s here all prepared and done.. finally our section unites.. our section known for the “(pasaway)complicated full of conflicts Section” because of majority in it were transferees there are lots of difference.. beliefs, culture, attitudes etc.. But we made it! Yes we did! For once the whole section unite, cooperate and work as one.. it was our main objective in separating with the other groups, secondary the good seminar.. And today, is Bru(lea) and me last sacrifice for it!, we picked up our souvenirs done at Divisoria place.. we have to make a personal touch on it so we have to work together.. seems like we were boys while carrying the two big big plastic bags of the souvenir minding it was a fragile thing!.. we take it as a joke.. Imagine we were wearing our uniform of coarse with high heels while carrying big plastic bags. Lea called me Pocahontas and she was Mulan! Hahaha tiring but enjoy!..

upon arrival at our home, no minutes must be wasted, we start finishing touches of our souvenir..

presto! we finished the 150 pcs of souvenirs at 4 am in the morning..as expected we were absent at our review class.. but Lea has to do something and need to went to the university.. She needed to rehearse and teach our other classmates to our theme song entitled I Believe by Fantasia Barrino.. Hay so near yet so far.. we our on our way to real life.. Can’t wait for the last day of school!..

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~mEow~ said...

haha..pocahontas and mulan..:))


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