Saturday, May 30, 2009

Enjoying the Team

First week of training on the new job, I was about to quit.. I don't like one of my group mate and I chose to be nice rather than being mean so I was having a thought of quitting on that job.. But really God was so great He made a thing for me to stay.. I was then belong to a group better than I was with.. These such a group which is a real cool... Full of laughs, full of trips..Pamacsavers, laugh trip on the way home, and an ever ending transactions were studying of.. We are indeed back of being students.. As a matter of fact the training room was named as a university of Davao..hahaha.. Here are some of the reason that holding back to love my work...
Paolo a RN, Bibo and active dude.. kinda sweet friend.. (malakas mang-asar sa iba)hahaha..he's my left wing seatmate.. one of the Pamacsavers and way home buddy..
Aileen the hot her dresses... The banker... my right wing seatmate, often times my buddy but we never learned that much from each other instead we had laughed of everything around..a way home bud too...
Joan a typical "kimi" of our batch, timid, simple... She was my former school mate... lack of self-confidence..but she was really a sweet and thoughtful gal..
Noel at first quite confuse of his gender,, but eventually with facts of coarse, I had found out that he was really a straight guy.. it's just that he was a firm and proper type.. But he's actually one of the nicest guy..(hehe we only have 3 guys on the training room)... no doubt he's indeed a good and liable buddy..
Meech funny mamie.. loves to laugh as she describe herself.. straight forward and also a bibo one..a pantry porch bud..
R-chie a "Katoliko" of the Pamacsavers and a pantry porch bud..Psychology-semi psychotic ata hahahaha peace Chie.. Just a look at him you will surely laugh at his thoughts,
Whoa!.. our soon(if ever) QA on the work floor Ms. Rachel.. my new crush at the office slash school.. one of a beautiful face I've seen so far at the workplace for about 3 weeks of lolling' around..
Clementine the "NSBS" way home bud.. The certified virgin of the batch... sometimes slow but we can't blame her, she's young and most of all a "V"..hahaha.. Such a nice girl too..
Julie or DJ whatever... tahimik pero malufett.. that was her... never been a pantry porch bud yet but maybe soon.. One look at her you know that she has a lot on her head..
Ana a broken hearted sweetheart... a Pamacsavers bud, so soft-spoken, seems sweet(maybe partially)hihihi, but also a cruela devil..hahaha..R-chie's love team..
Ae-jaey, hmm she prefer her pseudo name to be spelled like this so I will give her the privilege on my page.. One of Pamacsavers bud.. so much in-love to her "Cece"... she belongs to one of malakas mang-asar troops..
Teewee look a like of Yasmin Kurdi.. kikay, maingay, brat of the batch, she was the batch Electrifying Volta... a pantry porch bud too...
Those are only the few guys make my night exciting.. Actually only one make me miserable..hahaha.. But as what I have said I chose to be nice that's why she affects me, but if I chose to be me,hmmm I am even mean.. Hopefully we would still be together on the work floor..

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clunix said...

waaaah.. kha miss yah.. mwuah..

kha said...

unga kkmiss k din puh...huhuhuhu


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