Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Orly

Happy birthday Dude.. Orlando Miana hubby of my friend Mary Margaret Cayabyab-Miana, one of my great good buddy.. Hon was once get jealous to him but I explained later why we are that good to each other.. He is a friend whom stayed with me all through out as I am having trouble with my relationships.. We have a lot of good things to remember with regards to our friendship.. and never forget the fact that we can't loose each other as good friends.. Good times gone but still our friendship remains..I am happy for you now that you are with your beloved wife..Be good always..hehehe..Regards to Maria..Pa-starbucks naman jan!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet-ups with the Discrete

Hon met my long lost friends, hehehe actually I was just the only one lost, because for some reason that i can't be on a two paths at the same time.. Same old laughs as we reunited.. Our group of friends is what we can call a sub-friendship..hehehehe I was the only person who has a direct connection each of the person composed of.. and ... We have been established our own troop for the last six years..
Berks Includes:
KHMER was my former schoolmate at Makati,
GRACE is one of my berks(we are actually in a big peer)
CIANE a friend introduced by another friend
ORLY was my friend from his girlfriend
Standby Start Time: 9 in the evening onwards
but Hon only met of the two guys, Grace and Khmer.. Fortunately to Orly ,he was now at Italy with her wife Meg. For Ciane she was now a newbie mom and on the adjustment stage... Yet the fun never ceases although we are not complete. Gladly Hon doesn't feel any discomfort with the guys.. Grace was kinda bitchy type(as we always know) and hon quietly surprise f her words.. Khmer ahmm seems somehow like hon's attitude, somehow a mirror.. After Grace wait for me and Khmer for 3 hours, I haven't seen them for 3 years hehehe, we went to the club at Metrowalk for some chilling night.. Laughs and crazy trip.. and the reunion was not yet up after chillin at the club, we check-in(this is actually Grace' capritzo) for two rooms as we waits for the sun to arise.. Fool of us (hon and i) to be part of grace capritzo though we have our own home.. just one ride from Metrowalk hahaha(cab)

Now I am TAGGED!!

it wasn't a common tag that has been practiced here at the blogosphere, I am literally tagged at my new work for NCNS!!!a NO CALL NO SHOW!! ITS A WARNING AFTERWARDS!!! what the F**** I've been calling our force desk number since 5:00 pm yet no one answer only a voice prompt... what the s** it really s**... it wasn't my fault to get "sick"( i am really) that's why i called but still it was my fault then they said!!!...gosh...haixx well that's life!!.. consequences on Monday!! grrrr...I almost spent 200 peso for a prepaid load and a 5 5 peso coin just to reach the forcedesk, what I gain was this notice...grrr it is absolutely unfair! i even texted my supervisor but he's not responding at all...argh! why this s** happen to me...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Missing a Lot

On Kevin's wake, I'm feeling somehow happy and excited, not due to his wake, but to the thought of seeing my colleagues..For almost 2 years of straight being with the guys, there such a certain feeling of being with them is an extension of my family.. And without them for such a couple of weeks, I am feeling of missing them that huge... I miss how i laughed with them, how I raised my eyebrows and mean to somebody else out our group...While on our way to my work(bru and i) we've talked a lot about what had happen for the past few weeks we were not together..updating each other on what was new to us.. We really missed each other so much that we almost not tried to stop talking, we never allow anything and anybody to stop us even a single deep breathe wouldn't do so .. At the end of our conversation, a realization both strikes on us,..This is it!.. We are now in the real world, we do have different paths to take though literally we finished the same field... We are not entitled to live together for so long..That too close.. For some reason I do understand why.. He always had a good plan.. The mere fact of bru staying with me will teach her nothing for herself.. She knows how I cared for her a lot and maybe He wanted bru to be officially independent..(it's a wild rationale..) I just don't want to be upset for setting apart with bru.. I feel like this is again a dejavou.. I am quite afraid that my relationship with her will go as the same to Julie.. And for that thought I already feeling depressed... I treasure most the people who really know who I am.. and those people is absolutely few, actually they are only two, Julz and Bru.. Me inside and out, my weaknesses and strength.. my failures and real life success... How I wish I can spend more time with them.. How I missed my girl friends...


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