Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hi..just wants to post what is currently running on my mind.. Another realization came up on me. (am I really in the process of aging?lol. Why all of sudden I realizes a lot!c'mon!) I have to accept in my heart the place where I am. I mean after a long years of escaping unto this place I do have to accept it now. With understanding and learning to love. To be honest I never liked the place where we live. There are lots of reason why I keep to not stay too long in this place. Being part of the university journalist way back years I have already written my hatreds in my place in my column before and I am going list the same things I have wrote here. (may dugo kong activista dati and I am a frustrated political science student..hehehe)  

People around s*cks. They knew the word neighborhood if they can be benefited by that certain neighbors. All were backstabbers!Either you do good or bad it doesn't made sense! Those who are active in our church are also the same people active in discussing other people's lives. Majority of younger females actually teenagers are addicted in an easy money earning which is inclined in working in bars as GRO's . You can hear little girls dreams of working in Japan as an entertainer (not solely entertainer but with hidden agendas) to find a  d.o.m's to marry. Hearing that with their parents around surprisingly so supportive!A lot in here never believes in education!For them it's just a waste of money and time. Why would they have to send children even the least in high school (secondary education) if he or she can already have a work. Non sense perceptions! It's not poverty actually made them think that why! It is because they don't want(the parents). Most of the head of the families if not alcoholic they are gamblers and worst drug addicts.( Yikes! who would ever love a place like these?!) The mom's prefers to be active on a gossip org instead of doing such valuable stuffs. Livelihood has been offered nth times but none of here was interested. If someone in the community noticeably becoming successful, people around will fuss about it and intrigues bad vibes to that certain person. They always say it's hopeless although you can see as an individual that it's not but they just need to move by their selves. Also here in our place we are bound by corrupt baranggay officials. Maybe only few were not but majority was! It is also very common here as a form of business the vote buying during election season. It was so easy to run as a public official if the politician have enough budget to give away. I don't really know why people here enjoys to do illegal things than legals. There were some time that having mistress(panu pag lalaki? ah basta 3rd party) has been in.One more thing you can never put up a good business because you're "kind" neighbors will pull you down! Proven! Most of the real good people already gone.*sigh*

Above are all the reason that made me not love this place. When I was young I enjoyed staying here. Fresh air. Group of kids playing everyday but as I am growing I saw those facts. Observing our place. I always ask my mom why here? We could have lived near the schools (Reoyans Store in front of  Elem School)which was their first option. People there were hard working, motivated and always busy working not gossiping. Why not in other phases where people are more interested in making valuable things for the sake of their family. Why did Papa and Mama gave our lot at Taguig to Mama's sister instead of us living there? Why not in Makati where Mama grew up? Why not in Quiapo where Papa grew up? Why here? I keep bombarding Mama those questions. She said because here "this is our own. It is normal to have some misunderstanding with relatives but if we are far enough from them we cannot cause or be involved in those kind of  issues. We can have a better relationship with seeing them often. In here we can do what we want because we own it here and no one will reacts negatively. We are the superior of our own." Yet I decided not to like still. The culture of what I am observing becomes more and more severe as time goes by as I grew up actually! I love our house,our backyard, my friends in schools, my perks. Unfortunately as I grow I never had a good relationship with my childhood perks because of our views that never met , their negative ways on reaching their goals, I prefer to move a little, have some space. That's why after I graduated I prefer to study in Manila. To run away. To pursue my goals and to be different to them. Even though I have lived  of 10 different boarding houses on different cities in manila from the time I started studying in college until this year January as I have worked. From there I told to myself that if I will be given a big break to choose a place where will I spent my life the least I would think of is this place.Maybe our house but not the same community.

Then just earlier realization came up. It's not eating what I hated but it's accepting because I can't do anything it just becoming a burden if I continues  to deny this place. I realize that I don't need to love the people, their culture here. It's enough that I respect them, simple hi and hello and leave it. I don't need to be a super friend, a super neighbor .As simple as it is. Though they keep on intriguing me, my life our family ...careless.. It will not hurt  us and even if it did  we can manage because we don't care on their irrational ideas! I am just too being emotional wanting a loving almost perfect community that's why it aches that I expect more of what I have.

Actually its just that I don't have a choice that's why I have to stay here but anyway I have to think of the positive way being here I formerly hates.!hehehe

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You make My Day :D

Your it! You really made me happier on your thoughtful ways.. Ate Jenie never forgot me on her list. And because of that I am so thankful meeting You in this universe.

. 7 hidden facts about me

1. I am an ambitous, romantic and joyful day dreamer. I   
   almost day dreamt of everything..hahaha(ambisyosa in  
 2. I am sweet not.. I don't know how to express exactly  
     but I am a sweet type. ( trouble in expressing hahaha) 
3. I am a cry baby not..Nobody knows because I can handle  
   very much but the truth is I am indeed one. ( my bru told 
   me best actress daw ako lolz) 
4. I love to travel anywhere if I can 
5. I am a risk taker and adventurous
6. A mean person some assume first impressions. 
7. I am honestly and truthfully in love ..(cheesy) 

Rules attached: 
•Thank and link to the person that gave you the award. 
•Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic. 
•Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won 
•State 7 things about yourself 

I am sharing this award to Ate RoseLhanChieACNheneGello, Faith, Dhelle,DJ Tammy,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Soon

 If some of you noticed I haven't had any new pictures posted here on my blog, because I don't have yet a replacement on my lost phone. Camera phone is what I prefer than having a digital camera. For me digicam is an another important thing to be taken care of, if I have one and knowing myself I used to left valuable things that's why I see to it that I have an all in one gadget instead. So i must worry once for the only one(bonggacious!)lol.. Seems that I am used to it not having  a phone at all but I missed pictures.lolz I have to priority firsts what was my and our necessities before my demands although cellular phone nowadays is a demand itself. Anyway I am going to have it again so soon. Still undecided on what particular unit but I am making it sure it was kinda an all in one type.. Just so excited sharing these.. ;D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eminent 8

Tnx Nhene for the tag. And kongrachulayshonz(hirap pala i-spell the way April of Wowowee pronounced it)lolz sa new layout..ang danda..hehehe Its been a while since I blog hop. Nkaka-trauma kasi yung last time n nabasa ko ng napadaan ako sa page mo. But anyway thanks for the new thrill. After that sad post I felt and think empty. I cannot even consider what will I post next. This tag start anew.. Salamat sayo..weee*wink*

8 TV Shows I like to watch
1. Pinoy Big Brother (Because of MelaSon fever, so cool ;D)
2. Going Bulilit (awesome Kids)
3. Bubble Gang
5. Habang May Buhay (emo)
6. PBB Uber
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Dr. House

8 Favorite Place to Dine-out
1. KFC (me and huny's fave)
2. Dairy Queen,
Ice Bergs, Crepes and cream
3. Greenwich
4. Wendy's ( The Magic 4 first job..Hun,Dhan, C2 and Seph)
5. Jollibee
6. Max's Restaurant except MOA branch!
7. Chaikofti (love the ambiance and the ice cream cofi)
8. Mc Donalds (combo float and fries)

8 Things I look forward to

1. Blog Hops
2. Passing the Board Exam
3. Mom's Wedding, Finally
4. A job I am dreaming of
5. Masteral and another coarse to take
6. Huny's Natal day
7. Our Anniversary (chillin' out)
8. The Wedding

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. My College Friends Celebration for those who passed the Nov NLE
2. A brand New Start for me (Good bye bad vices Finally)
3. Done episode 330 to 433 of One Piece
4. Cook for Huny's favorite adobong manok
5. Editing a friend's case study
6. Received an urgent but not so important email from Kuya
7. Hun's teammate Sonny has ended his contract at LWS
8. Prepare stuffs to Bring Home

8 Things I Love about Winter (or rainy season in the Philippines)
1. Coffee
2. Watching Downloaded Movies
3. Chat with friends miles away
4. Blog hops
5. Checking out Friends at facebook, multiply and friendster
6. Watch Grey's Anatomy
7. Eat Mom's Sopas
8. Sleeping in my dark cold room

8 Things I’m Passionate About
1. Being in Love (haha)
2. Being a Cool
3. Passionate and voraciously eater hahahaha
4. Being a daughter to mom; a honey,best friend, confidante,antidote to hun; a sister to Kuyas
5. Being a friend
6. I Love Music
7. I Love blogging
8. I love being tough(opposite to Nhene)hehehe

8 Word/Phrases I often Used

1. Huny
2. Hay Naku
3. Teecee
4. Ciao
5. Thanks 
6. Naman!
7. Grrr..
8. Good Morning, Good afternoon, Hello

8 Things I learned from the past
1) Never Regret
2) Learn from your mistakes.
3) The ever popular everything happens for a reason
4) Value the people are worthy with you.
5) Be a nice friend but not a best friend to anybody.
6) Give your best in everything you do.
7) Good Karma and Bad Karma exists
8) Full of Love, Hope and Happiness

8 Blog Friends I want to tag Ate Jennie,Joanne,Faith,Kath,Clem,Dj,Dencio,Karen

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farewell to a Great Guy

I was so shocked upon blog walking on Nhene's page. She post something about resting in peace for a very particular and familiar person.It was a very sad post I have had ever read here in the blogosphere. Maybe first I know the person personally and I know him as he is all through the years and I witnessed their strengthen by love and by time relationship, the hardships and the dramas. I even as well attended their wedding 11 days ago and knowing that he already passed away just this morning make me feel weak. How come it happened to him? I am not in the position to ask these but I just can't believe. What a playful fate! I consider him one great guy for his precious love to Jean. I never knew any other  guy compared to him will do such things he did to Tata even to my Huny I am not sure if he can. I salute him to that. He knows it and also Jean knows it. He waited for so long for the fruit of their love. He was so proud and full of joy announcing he will be having a baby.How I see he was so happy after exchanging vows Tata. His eyes shows it all. Now the great guy is in heaven. Like Nhene, I was so upset knowing the shocking news. It still don't sinks in me.How I wish this also just a bad dream. 

Jao, wherever you are still take care of your family, I know you are secured leaving this earth because you know that your wife and your coming baby is in good hands. She have a very supportive and loving family.Also help her to recuperate fast for your baby and for herself. Till we meet again. Rest in Peace Joey.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fast Recuperation

I felt so down and depressed recently, for the triumphs I have been with and never felt succeeded at all. These where the times I wanted to ask a big WHY to him. Why I am here, why do I suffer this stuffs, why until now?. In my realization my failures was little compared to others burden so I should not act like having a fallen faith. Instead I do have to make it more,strengthen more. As I see the things now again He left me a message to not cry over the spilled milk. Show me how good what I have. Show me the reasons I just need to learn. Emotionally I can't help it. I am just human, no matter how I tried to compose myself, to look at the positive side I still can feel so low. But I will try my best to overcome sadness. I have my lovely people around that helps me a lot. These means from today, for every successful and unsuccessful path given and will give, I will try my very best to never feel hopeless.


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