Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farewell to a Great Guy

I was so shocked upon blog walking on Nhene's page. She post something about resting in peace for a very particular and familiar person.It was a very sad post I have had ever read here in the blogosphere. Maybe first I know the person personally and I know him as he is all through the years and I witnessed their strengthen by love and by time relationship, the hardships and the dramas. I even as well attended their wedding 11 days ago and knowing that he already passed away just this morning make me feel weak. How come it happened to him? I am not in the position to ask these but I just can't believe. What a playful fate! I consider him one great guy for his precious love to Jean. I never knew any other  guy compared to him will do such things he did to Tata even to my Huny I am not sure if he can. I salute him to that. He knows it and also Jean knows it. He waited for so long for the fruit of their love. He was so proud and full of joy announcing he will be having a baby.How I see he was so happy after exchanging vows Tata. His eyes shows it all. Now the great guy is in heaven. Like Nhene, I was so upset knowing the shocking news. It still don't sinks in me.How I wish this also just a bad dream. 

Jao, wherever you are still take care of your family, I know you are secured leaving this earth because you know that your wife and your coming baby is in good hands. She have a very supportive and loving family.Also help her to recuperate fast for your baby and for herself. Till we meet again. Rest in Peace Joey.

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