Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 Months at Rest

I have to take leave on using computer and internet.That means also abandoning my corner and my new friends as of the moment. But guys and ate's this is not for good. It's just that I have to be more focused. And that leave will take for 5 consecutive months from this day on . This is a scheduled post. I have to take seriously my goal. I have to give much of my time on my priorities. Maybe for some time I can check this blog and visit who still dropped by and the guys in my blog list of coarse. I've been thinking of this decision for quite 2 months ago. And it was really really a hard decision to make. I feel like I can't make it but I have too and a must to do! It's not that I lost our internet connection( which will my mom would not allow if that so), and I am also not selling my pc.(I am explaining hahaha). I really have to be focus and take things seriously. Since the blog test I answered recently said that I was a life blogger, I think I will still have time to write it on my notebook but I cannot post it on time here or I will just ask my Huny to post it for me.Which I guess a rare thing he will do. Thank you po to those who can still visit me tho I cannot visit back. But soon as fifth month end I will surely be a hop-aholic and reviewer for the posts that I will miss.

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gorgeous_MHE said...

I will surely miss your blogs and hops kha... pero ikaw??? siguro punta nalang ako next door to see you so that I won't miss you....

take care....ghe maganda yan. focused focused

katherine said...

kung sa saan ka maligaya...doon ako...ahehe..

why apay tinapay at titigil muna for 5 months, kala ko 5 days lang..hehe

well blogging talaga ay addictive, di tuloy magawa yong ibang dapat ipriorities...soon sis, mawawala din ako pero for mga weeks lang...hehe

chubskulit said...

mamimiss kita wahhhhhhhh


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