Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Being Futuristic

I am fond of day dreaming. And I also shared that in my previous posts and other blogs. Those stuffs that I day dream are set to be my inspiration and goal that motivates me. I guess it is not just about daydreaming. Maybe its being futuristic to things that I want to happen in my life,in my life with huny and in my life with my family. I just set those as my goal. Planned earlier how can I achieve it.As of the moment I want to be sure that everything will be in proper pieces. Applying for a  temporary insurance is an idea brougth by Huny's officemate Kurrent.  I have to be sure of everything because I wanted to make things that I have been planned to be in real. Kurrent brought up the idea to Huny. Kurrent already have a family and wanted to secure his self and his loved ones. At first I am quiet hesitant of it when huny shared me the thought of it because it is not included in our priorities. But upon seeing Piolo Pascual's advertisement it made me think again of agreeing with Huny.

As it says, life has no guarantee.Preparation is a must. At times, it is fine to be futuristic for oneself and for his or her family. It has the lots of advantages. And if ever things might not work as expected, at least we are prepared.

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