Monday, September 13, 2010

One Left and Ready To Go

I have always been sharing on my post that I am surrounded by guys all my life. And one of the advantage of this is learning stuffs and the likes of the boys. Being one of the boys. One of the stuffs I am glad that I am forced to  learned because of them at early age was driving two wheels to four wheels type of vehicle.My passion in driving was became more intense because of my brothers whom always wanted competition. I am a competitive one that's why I always grabbed their challenges and I always wanted to be in on their games. I started learning bicycles at the age of 4. 
This is my only  nephew, 3 years old with his bike that I am telling the modern made one.

That was already a two wheel bike different from nowadays made bicycles a two wheel and another two little wheels. Though I am a young little girl that time I don't wear any dirt bike gear .My late father was a protective father but he prefer me to be a tough girl. Wounds and scratches he said are part of learning. No pain no game I remember he always said. We are only three. My two brothers and me.
 From left Chris(second brother), Mike (eldest) Mom and me.. And this is my brother Mike's motor bike.

Both of them had their own motor bikes one left to go for me and we can have a race of three. 
  Chris my second brother's motor bike.

Like what we used before when were young. Just a little bit of sadness to know that our Father are not able to see who will won among the three of us.

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