Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My First Game

(Where am I? huh!just guess, I won't dare to say..hihihi)
taken at one of our game at Ateneo Field

Back when I was in college I was a varsity player of soccer, women division. I know I have already mentioned it here in my blog for the nth time. And I am going to share more for details for this post. ( please don't get fed up hahaha you can leave my blog as early as here but be back next please *wink*) Soccer is my first love. First game and will be my last I guess. The start of my passion at this game was just all an accident. I didn't mean to but I was there and I am at the stage of young adolescent that never surrenders. I experienced a very very hard and tough raining that almost sing my lungs out.LOL .Seriously that very hard. I ran five times every morning  into the whole  lot of Makati University. Every Friday we ran from Makati University which is JP Rizal extension St. passing through Kalayaan road to East Rembo and again passing through West Rembo going back to the university. I am sorry for those who were clueless on what I am saying about the vicinity. I do apologize I can't even calculate the kilometers,I can't even find on Google. Poor me, I'm not good at math.hihihi. Also every time that Milo will be having a fund run, we must be participating. That was just the simple training. All that I have mentioned about running is just a simple training. Cruel right?..:) Training about the game was more harder than running. One hard example, just imagine me before I am 5 feet tall and weight 87 lbs and again I have to run, run again, but this time with a team mate riding at my back and run in sprint. Unfortunately I am the only part of the team either boys or girls team weighting and has that height. So whoever will be at my back it weights more than mine. The agility training with the cones and the soccer ball and the tricks were more taught by our team captain. I have a deep friendship with this team captain of us. Friendship that will never ends though how far and how long we can not see each other.

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Jona said...

it's my first time to meet (at least in the blogoshpere) a girl who plays soccer. :D


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