Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks for the Early Enlightening 2011!

As early as a day before 2010 exits, the incoming year already enlightened me. There is always a brand new start still! Still! Still! Thanks for using Lucivernafer as a living proof for every lesson you wanted me to learn Dear God. It is not the end of the line and chances are for real unlimited as long as we live with strong faith to You! 

Congratulations Lucivern three weeks on the go (=..

Have a Blessed New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Noche Buena Absent First Time

Last December 24, I am one of those lucky newly hired employee to have a slot for  celebrating Christmas eve without being on leave or absent at work.or begging for it .  A lot of my co workmates wanted to have Noche Buena with family, who wouldn't dare so?? I won the slot because of first,my unbeatable CSAT score though Q.A is about to fail, next my guru Luci-Verna-fer chose the very wise option when schedule bid happened and third because I have a not so nice team leader. Well thanks to them..
 With mom

 Noche Buena Drama

My all time favorite niece and nephew
Unfortunately though I had the chance, I failed to celebrate eve because that day I am dead tired of all the activities the whole day after work.  Mom told me that she even tried to called me and shrugged my shoulders to woke me up but it seems that I am asleep forever. And she told me that I felt asleep sitting with my fritz( my big baby bear) and when she try to shrug me I fall beside fritz without even moaning or making any sound. That tired..When I woke up in the morning, it was 5 am and I am in a hurry to look for a watch hoping eve is not yet done..But yes I missed it.. I felt stupid that I lost the chance but anyway we have whole the day to make it  as an eve..Only mom and me celebrated Christmas because huny was at work. Some niece and nephew dropped by to party with us, food

Friday, December 17, 2010

Prisoned by My Own Self

I am badly not feeling good not physically though but I was hit bulls eye! A lot of worries and other stuff that bothers me. I don't know how to express all these. How I wish I can still be the old me. Easily I can make things easier. I almost emptied all my beliefs, my perceptions to make myself calm and relax. To make myself believe! A lot of things, ideas bumps my currently unorganized thoughts. Mis leaded visions.  Arggg! I know I can survive this! I know and I must! Now I understand.. Now I know.. I wanted to see the other side. But no matter what side I look into it, it answers me "bother", "hesitation" and "stop". This will just took a week, by the party started I am over and back to the organized Kha! I hope so!

Friday, December 10, 2010

GT Welcome Back Post: Special Place To Go

It's payback time! Now that schedule is not really tight I can now payback my shortcomings in my blogging life.

Here is the place I love to be back over and over again. There is not  much especial tourist spot but solemnly Huny and I love this place. We went here at the right time where we felt like we need to freshen' up our spiritual guide within each ourselves. It's like losing hope when we went to the place and leaving the it is really refreshing and uplifting. Huny got the chance to interact with the rectors. And I had the chance to explore the place. I promised to be back to this place again and of coarse with my the same  beloved trip-mate.. Huny.

Here is my share for todays GT! More place to explore just click the badge below.


I was the one who baptized her that  Why o why? Because she is. Though she didn't talk much and hanging around much I can feel she is. But being with her makes me feel weird to myself sometimes.Feeling weird. It started when I  enjoy Verna's (nff) company. I can say that most of our views and perception met halfway maybe that's why we love each others company though the 9 years age gap. With Verna I can be very me. Very natural, very lousy, loud and obscene if sometimes. No pretensions, no to "not to mention" and no to "perfect me world". We can talk everything under the moonlight. ( because we are on graveyard shift But i feel so carefree with her. I feel so alive.. The feeling that she can be my third best friend who will knew me most.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Business Demands

Currently our small business becoming popular. Two of our competitors already defeated. In business competition is the battle. I am glad we've survived the competitors thinking that they were the first in our place. Theirs run for 3 years or so but in 5 months of our existence we made to make it on top 2. Top 2 yet we are now competing with the no. 1. Probably what make us to survive were the strategies we made and other services we offer. Now that the demand is increasing specially to printing, photocopiers, customizing projects and more, we decided of adding more funds to compensate for the demands and will eventually we know will profits us. 
I am just so thankful that blessings keep on rain to us. 

Out of Home Holiday

When we were young we used to celebrate holidays at home. We are happy staying home, with mom's best recipes and some cakes and pastries on the table. On that way spending time together, story telling of almost the whole year activity and experiences. Now that we were grown, it is so hard to stay at home especially if it commits work, other half and peers. Mom decided to change the way we celebrate holidays. So that we can still be completely together although it's hard to find quality time because each of us has boyfriend and girlfriends and other commitments. Mom made a self catering family holiday by celebrating it to theme parks, mall or special places that we all love for all time. Where benefited the most of us. It lessen the task, the preparation and conviniently pamper all of the family member along with friends. This was a great idea of my beloved mom. I will always be thankful that mom is not a stagnant believer. She can be with the new generation flow, open to changes. Superb Mom! rigth?! That's she's incomparable!

I So Love Canon!

I love pictures and taking pictures. When I found this stuff, it really hooked me. Currently i am using my canon digital camera. I am just saving for an SLR. This video really amazed me. For those memories lover.. 
Check this out! (= 

The Canon EF Lens Range


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