Friday, June 24, 2011

Spell Relax

I am done working with Gilay's blog. I am so glad that she like it. I can now rest myself from thinking. Glad that Ferry currently enjoys her layout and she was not yet bugging me..hehehehehe.. I can rest! Somehow I miss her bugging me but as of today, since it's a rainy cold weather, it feels so good to stay inside my blanket and listen be motivated (to be lazy Lol) Bruno Mars' Lazy song.. =)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Feel the Dues

Earlier today, a man introduced himself as from the tax department, showing identifications and talking a lot. It didn't sink in in my still sleepy mind, since mom just woke me up.I just stare at him with a blank reaction on my face then he's done talking and left.That was 3 hours ago.That early for a visit.  Then just as now while typing this post, it sink in.  
Now that I am back at hand managing our small business, I can feel the pressure. A lot of dues in line to prioritize and be in time. Though sometimes it's jargon to my ear, those words associated with the taxes, fire department fees, business permit renewal etc. I need to be familiarize with all those issue related with the business. It's like that I'll be needing an irs extension guide how to understand more of our business taxes fees and necessities. Mom usually did it for us. She was used to it even before when we were young because she always had a small business. The last time she took care of it was two years ago wherein she fills in information for the irs extension form 2009. During that time the line of business was different from what we have today.It's her store that used to fund for our everyday living aside from my brother's monthly remittance to her. Now the same location, business was converted to a computer rental shop which is a proprietorship between my eldest brother and huny and I. Since mom is teaching me and forcing me (hihihi) to be responsible with our business, I have no choice but to learn it all. Besides, she said she must've been graduated with all the procedures since it was not hers. But still kind to offer sometimes provide help for me. She can't resist me, I know! hehehe

Friday, June 17, 2011

I Wanna Work - Out Again

I know some of my friends will raised their eyebrows upon reading my ym status. Yeah everyone knew that I am pregnant and my title wouldn't be that healthy for me. It was not the work out that means work out losing some pounds.I got you nurses Now I have lots of private messages of sermons hihihi.. I love it, that means a lot cares for me. I am so tats.^_^ I love you all. 

Anyway back to my title, it's about working outside. I have been working at home since April and I am feeling bored. Yes I am earning at home but I am looking for more adventures outside and away home. I have been staying here first because of the very sensitive first trimester of pregnancy that I suffered, so Huny pushed me to stay with mom and look after the business instead. Now I am on my second trimester and everything seems to be so good that I now I will be able to work then. Still huny refuses and told me wait till I give birth. Companies that I applied already contacting me and requesting if I can report to their offices. I miss being an employee, meeting new friends, hanging out and shopping. I am missing the feeling of excitement every salary,bonus or incentive giveaway days. I remember when I was working in a financial account last year, all employees were excited when December approached. That means a lot of consumers will go gaga for inquiries regarding on how to file their taxes . Unlike here in the country, companies where the ones who files taxes for employees. In other country, it is the tax payer's responsibility to calculate for their own taxes. That's why outsourcing company that offers software that  helps to calculate taxes were in demand during this period. Like as what I mentioned here a little amount of help that a representative will provide regarding on e- file tax extension process will result to an immediate incentives on the representatives end. It is an on hand cash incentive that will be given at the end of the shift. In that case after shift is a shopping mode or food or liquor binging day. This is only one of the happenings that I missed working in a company. Though it was still good to be my own boss while working at home, I still wanted to have lots of friends to enjoy with.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Forcing Myself

I am forcing myself to make this thing possible. Not because I am forced by the Boss but simply because I want to finish the task. I dedicated the whole day to tweak for the design but seems that I don't like the results. If I were only working with papers I think I spoiled a lot and made my trashcan full. Good thing it's just in the computer and don't need to clean my mess manually. I am tired but I don't want to stop. I have all the idea in my mind but wondering why can't I work it all on with my skill. I know I need to organize my thoughts first but this add consuming half of my brain.Probably the reason why I can't focus much. 
I wish I can at least make one that passes my own taste of style. By the way I am just formulating my design with the assumed personality of the person that I am making this for. I guess I am not so sure with my assumptions also one factor that I can't complete the design. Sigh. I know I can make it..

Monday, June 6, 2011

Working For Mysterious Her

 Sometimes I told to myself that I have a little kindness in me.(mabait din pala ko hihihi). Rarely but I can say big time. lol.. I can be kind even to those people I don't know much.This only happens once in a while. I am more of a business minded person. Everything is business. That's why I cannot blame God if He rarely gives me best opportunities.Because I know I don't deserve much because of my (tuso) attitude.

 Anyway, this is not about me post. This is about her. The mysterious her. I didn't know her much but I think I like her. Maybe when I read post about her I can feel somehow we have in common or just an illusion but still I like her. It happened that another Her suppose to proposed a thing but I was the one opened it up first. So it's a joined  project then. Her suggestions and my work. 
The other Her seemed to be my boss who constantly reminding me what's next to do etc. This uber bossy her will not going to let me have a good night sleep while I am up with something. So I must do this thing a little faster not to complicate my busy life today and be demanded more by this boss.But I love her to bits. She's just it. In a short period of time, I already accepted to myself cause she's my friend and if she's not like that then it wasn't her.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Missing an Unplanned Gimik

 Year 2009 last unplanned getaway

It's been so long that I've experienced an unplanned getaway and those stuff like that was awesome. I am missing today that kind of getaway. Probably the reason why it doesn't happen anymore because we're in real life now. I mean more serious life not like before when I am still a student. Most of my friends will be needing to set an schedule first before we can have a get together.It is different now. A week or a month of notice prior we can booked for a schedule. Also the fact that we have now different priorities. Maybe this is what do others called, it feels so good t o be young and free. (Speaking like an old lady hahaha). Young, you have all the time and the option to commit little mistakes is acceptable. Free, free from obligations, contracts and responsibilities.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Troubleshoot Day

It's Saturday and troubleshoot day on our shop. After not hearing anything from our internet provider for two days, huny decided to make a cleaning of computers hardware and software last Thursday.The connection all throughout our place has been intermittent started last May 31st. People around seems can't live without internet and they were hunger for an internet shop that has a connection.As the customer service of the internet provider provides me some sort of technical issue in our place.  Fortunately the internet connection was back yesterday and kids from the block forced us to open the shop though I've said that the major cleaning was not yet done. I planned to open the shop today wherein all computers already done cleaning. But then again as I mentioned we opened the shop yesterday though some computers were not yet back in place. I didn't hear anything with our avid customers instead they content their selves for only 7 computers and patiently waits for their turn. Now, while some computers work and using by customers, I am pulling out those which haven't clean yet and individually give it to huny. The business still running with some sort of inconvenience to other customer expecting every computers was done. I already made an explanation early today and gladly they understand besides they knew about it if the computers were running slowly and need some software cleaning. They understand the benefit of partially inconvenience today.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Choosing in Between

I am in an confused mode again. I need to choose which is which. Both options were really an important errand to attend to and as much as I wanted I prefer if I can do both. But the scenario never gives me a good option instead really weighing me till where I can manage. Argh! I really wanted to accomplish both things but how can I if the same errands will happen in same day and the distance or the place. It is not just few walks away but need to travel 3 hours to be in one place and another. Really it was testing me which is more important  Hope something get's on the way so that one of the errands will be rescheduled. Opps the managements way not mine since I am just following schedules they provided. 


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