Friday, June 17, 2011

I Wanna Work - Out Again

I know some of my friends will raised their eyebrows upon reading my ym status. Yeah everyone knew that I am pregnant and my title wouldn't be that healthy for me. It was not the work out that means work out losing some pounds.I got you nurses Now I have lots of private messages of sermons hihihi.. I love it, that means a lot cares for me. I am so tats.^_^ I love you all. 

Anyway back to my title, it's about working outside. I have been working at home since April and I am feeling bored. Yes I am earning at home but I am looking for more adventures outside and away home. I have been staying here first because of the very sensitive first trimester of pregnancy that I suffered, so Huny pushed me to stay with mom and look after the business instead. Now I am on my second trimester and everything seems to be so good that I now I will be able to work then. Still huny refuses and told me wait till I give birth. Companies that I applied already contacting me and requesting if I can report to their offices. I miss being an employee, meeting new friends, hanging out and shopping. I am missing the feeling of excitement every salary,bonus or incentive giveaway days. I remember when I was working in a financial account last year, all employees were excited when December approached. That means a lot of consumers will go gaga for inquiries regarding on how to file their taxes . Unlike here in the country, companies where the ones who files taxes for employees. In other country, it is the tax payer's responsibility to calculate for their own taxes. That's why outsourcing company that offers software that  helps to calculate taxes were in demand during this period. Like as what I mentioned here a little amount of help that a representative will provide regarding on e- file tax extension process will result to an immediate incentives on the representatives end. It is an on hand cash incentive that will be given at the end of the shift. In that case after shift is a shopping mode or food or liquor binging day. This is only one of the happenings that I missed working in a company. Though it was still good to be my own boss while working at home, I still wanted to have lots of friends to enjoy with.

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