Friday, November 25, 2011

Uber Late Award

I would like to apologize to the new designer but not a noob blogger friend Obang of At Home Ako Dito . I am comfortably calling her with her maiden name (Obaña is her last name before getting married and now Mrs.Chen). You know, high school friends last name basis and making pet names. But find it sweet and so real. Just like our common friends who usually call me differently
Anyway dear, forgive me for posting this way way too late than you shared it on me. Please understand I am a new mom and still adjusting. Though I guess this award was passed prior I gave birth, still probably I'm in labor and not in a good mood to blog. ^_^. Too much alibis right..hehehe I know you knew me..hahaha

Thank you so much for remembering and passing me this along. Forgive me for my shortcomings unto you regards to blogging. I am a lazy blogger. Thank you for still including me in your list. You made my day! A beautiful sunshine award for a beautiful morning.

Now, here's the rules for the recipient of Sunshine Award:
1.) Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2.) Answer the questions below.
3.) Pass it to 10 fabulous  bloggers and send them message to let them know.

* Favorite color? Green. I already shared it in GT. :)

 * Favorite animal? Dog
* Favorite number? formerly 29(my birth date) then became 24(our lovers date) and now its 28(my princess date)
* Favorite drink? sex on the beach...kinda.. orange juice
*Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
* Your Passion? reading html
* Giving or getting presents? Giving especially to my love ones
* Favorite Day? Friday. party people favorite day.

* Favorite flowers? I am not into flowers..*sigh*
Now I am tagging these award  to the following awesome bloggers: 
Kutty of Purple Stage 
Sara of Beauty Tips 
Maan of Maan
Melcole of The Jolly Toes 
I may not be communicating with these blog authors but I am always in their blogs because I love what I read. They were on top of my feed that I love to keep on reading and  coming back.  

6 ♥ warming appeal(s):

rona said...

Nice Kha! Thanks for those lovely words. Kala ko di ka sweet, konti din pala. haha. Muah sa bgong mommy at baby!

January said...

hi kha.. thanks for the visit and to this wonderful award.

have a nice day!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

galing may award......

chrisair said...

wow thanks Kha I'm flattered that I am one of those

chrisair said...

hi Kha just to let you know sharing your award in my post

f e R r y j H o i said...

bat ako wala :(


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