Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make Money Through Blogging

I started blogging as a sort of expressing myself. I am a type of person who prefers not to complain a lot verbally. (My mom taught me that! aw!) If I speak too much I know I will hurt a lot of people or even the people I love. That's why I created this blog and how it means to me... Not until my mentor finally approached me. She was the one who introduced me in monetizing my blog that supposed to be only an online diary. She gave me tips and legit websites where I can make money . Where I can enjoy writing while earning. Who wouldn't want that!. It is still M-O-N-E-Y! Aside from enjoying what you're doing the fact that it will give me some moolah is a plus. As she influences me to earn online, I finally did my part to excel more and look for more ways and websites where I can earn. In five years of expressing myself through my blogs I may not be like other bloggers who earns big-time, but I enjoy my little earning because I look at it as a bonus. As I said it is not the main focus why I blog but a blessing that I can do both at the same time. I listed some tips what I did three years ago as I started earning through my blog.
  • I learn to be more specific and making sure that though I am writing my online diary I see to it that somehow others can relate or learn from my own experiences. In that way I may have visitors and my page will earn a rank in search engines.
  • I join websites who accepts bloggers or publishers that gives article or survey review for paid.
  • I became more friendly with other bloggers so as to share tips with them and also ask. It's a give and take thingy.
  • I always do my projects on time and double checking it before I submit it. Looking forward for more projects.
Simple ways yet effective for me. That's how easy I earn money in the world wide web. Behind all these is the patience and never losing hope attitude . It's not always a "raining opportunity". So if there's one, I see to it that I will immediately grab it, be thankful and do my best. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Preferred Network Access by Cigna

It is a necessary for everyone to invest in something that we would be benefited in the long run. One of our priorities is health and dental care plans. It is on top of our list especially for moms like me who always wants the best for my baby. AS a mom I always see to it that aside from giving the best quality service for my daughter I also wanted to save since this is the time that being wise in budgeting is a must without compromising! As I mentioned earlier that I nor hubby doesn't have a good set of teeth. So I assumed as early as today that my baby will have a not so good one in the future. Preventing it to happen starting today as I let her be taken care of the professionals. Just right in time that it is a dental health month and lots of dental services being offered everywhere. The Preferred Network Access by Cigna is an affordable dental discount plan, an alternative to dental insurance for individuals and families. One best option that we can choose among any other companies that is offering dental insurances. The Cigna dental plans from are a great way to save at the dentist." Here are a few links for reference, including details and testimonials for Cigna plan:


Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Create a Website

Nowadays internet marketing is more appealing to the market than television advertisement. It is more common to use computer or gadget connected to internet than watching t.v at the convenience of each home. The reason why most of the businessmen prefers owning a website for their products and services. Beforehand let us talk about the basic first, about having a website. Before we can put and announce to the world anything we wanted, any service we provide, let's know  how, which and what do we need to do to have our own space in the web. I have listed the following as guidelines on how to create a website.

1. What’s your website about?
- It’s important to identify what’s your website about. Be more concrete and specific on topic that you were going to share in the net. It must be a topic that you are very familiar with.
2. Pick a domain name related or much better the same as your website title. In this way, it is more easily to be familiar for the visitor. The moment they will search for your blog title it will directly points to your domain.
3.Find a web host for your domain. A web host is the is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the world wide web. Search for the reputable and affordable hosting companies in the web.
4. Once your done setting up your website title,domain and web hosting, design your website. A more unique and personalized design is more attractive to readers/visitors. If you are not familiar how to design nor read html,java or css,hire someone that can make it for you.
These are the sounds easy steps how to make your own website. For noobie, I understand that this four steps were really a hard one but I assure you this is only a one time bigtime process. Once done it’s all set and ready to go. Your website is up for visitors.


Friday, February 3, 2012

K Lyxn's Fisrt Big Day

It's been days and still had no time to update my blog about my baby's Christening. Finally the first big day is over. Gladly it all turned out good . The preparation seemed worth the event and the big day flows smoothly. It is a DIY party. Everything is do it ourselves effort. Glad that I have a supportive family who helps me in all those. I mentioned in my hobby blog that my baby's  invitation was done and designed by me . Also the concept of souvenir and the venue set-up. I never knew I will be a creative as me today not until my princess arrived. She brings out the best in me. err. (so that will be called the best) hehehe.. The planning from menu,set-up, flow of the party til the drinking sessions was all done by me. whoa! maybe not so perfect but with the help of our relatives( me and hubby's) it all turned good as expected. But still hubby and I decided that the first birthday will not be a DIY party again, because we saw and felt how everyone's get tired after the event. Though everybody says it's all worth it still, if we will have enough funds why do we need to tied ourselves to preparation and get tired after. err?. We just want that everyone will enjoy the party without getting deadly tired.    

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Well Ventilated Place for my Baby

There were a lot of advantages a well ventilated place has. As a matter of fact it has been advised to everyone to have a well ventilated living space as much as possible. So expect that it is more of an advantage for a baby to have or live in one very well ventilated space. And that's what I want and prefer for my baby. Since mom's house has lots of large windows obviously my precious will not feel suffocation. We also saved a lot from electricity of using electric fans or air-con if there is. A fresh air easily pass with the large windows and can soothe a good feeling for a sleepy baby. It is more good for a baby to feel the fresh air from mom's trees than an alternative air coming from electric appliances. Mom's house need not to have a chandeliers just to have a very light space. Simple and some elegant modern lighting of her choice is enough to make it more feel ventilated. Plus the fact that she loves planting and cleaning every day that will make the ventilated space more light and that I can say a very good attitude if my baby will adapt it from her. The cleaning and planting thing. Back again to a ventilated space, a baby will always have a positive aura everyday she wakes up as she feels everything is so light. For a baby like mine who is a chubby and perspiration a lot, this kind of environment for her is more likely. It will reduce the risk for her to have illnesses since she was staying in a place like what mom has. I know she'll loving it and as soon as she knows how to appreciates, I know she will be thankful to her mama. My mom and her grand mom. 


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