Friday, May 25, 2012

New Phone

I am currently using my mom's Corby 2 phone. I am okay with it, but still I want my own new phone. It's been so long since I liked a new unit. For the years that hubby is into buy and sell of cellular phones, my desire for cellphones vanished since I can explore almost all of the high-end cellphone models during that time.  Today husband is still into buy and sell but in a different item which is computer, computer parts and laptops. He changed his line of items two years ago, so for two years now I've been contented for a low end Nokia which is now begging for rest reason why mom lend me her phone. I am rooting for an HTC Windows 7 phone or an I phone. Or any android phone which is packed of  free android apps . There were lots of android apps to enjoy nowadays. But it is more enjoyable if it's free. Who wouldn't want free things hmm?.. I know this is just a desire and not needing an urgent attention. But just in case hubby or my brothers read this post, and make their mind giving me one, I will definitely love a surprise! :)

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Allan said...

Now, I lost my interest in having new phone, specially those high-ends. I am contented with what I have now.
Like you, if someone offers me a high-end phone for free, I would definitely say yes! hehehe.
I hope that someone will give you a new phone.

anne lei said...

i have samsung corby which I use mostly for internet browsing. I have nokia 101 and myphone, which are both dual sim. What I really want in a phone is the mobile browsing.

Farida of In Love With Sunflower said...

Have you considered Samsung Galaxy Note? It's a combination of tablet and smart phone at the same time so I'm contemplating for that.. here is the link:

and thanks for suggesting Balay Indang. I googled it and the place looks fascinating too.

I'm a follower now :D


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